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'AAP has a secret deal with Congress to damage BJP'

Published: 20th Oct 2013 07:23:15 AM

Delhi Assembly polls in-charge Nitin Gadkari fields Tarun Nangia’s questions in an e-mail interview. Excerpts:

What steps have you and the BJP taken to reconcile differences among state leaders?

The Delhi unit of the BJP is very much united. Everyone is working hard to oust the corrupt and inefficient Congress regime. The biggest factor working in the BJP’s favour is the public anger against the fast deteriorating law and order in Delhi, sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities, poor transport facilities, rampant corruption in government departments and a lack of confidence within the Congress to govern. I am sure the people have made up their mind to vote the Congress out. Take it from me: nothing can stop the BJP from forming the next government in Delhi.

How does the BJP react to the Aam Aadmi Party’s supposed impact on the Delhi poll?

The AAP is not a factor. It is not going to have any adverse impact on the prospects of the BJP. The fight is going to be between the BJP and the Congress. AAP is in the fray as a spoiler. We have definite information that it has a secret deal with the Congress to corner as many anti-Congress votes as possible to damage the BJP. But the people of Delhi are intelligent and they would never like to waste their votes.

When will the BJP announce the list of its candidates? The first list was to be out on September 5.

The BJP central election committee will take an early decision. Please wait for a few more days and the list will be in your hand.

Will any decision be taken on the party’s CM candidate soon?

BJP’s parliamentary board will take a decision in this regard. You will come to know about it very soon.

There are reports of pressure tactics by a BJP leader who is pushing his candidature for CM’s post. Your take.

I don’t think anybody is putting any pressure. The BJP is a democratic party and every party functionary has a right to put across his or her views to the party leadership. All its workers and leaders will abide by the decisions of the party high command. You will see that happening in the context of Delhi CM candidate as well.

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BJP me ek him Buddha - Baba ji ka thullu liye PR kar raha hein.. Old man ho gaya par khud ko young kehta hein

[!User Complaint!] Thanks for shgainr. Always good to find a real expert.

Tarun Nangia should have known Nitin Gadkari desista AAP because it was Arvind Kejriwals exposure of activities of Pruti Industries Nitin Gadkari lost the Presidentship of BJP. On Dec 8 2013 we will which party is disliked by voters of Delhi. Presently AAP is sure to spoil chances of BJP more as voters in Delhi are seeing the performance of BJP in Municipal Governance and shoddy work carried out. Daily wage earniers see that it is the trading community ( the main back bone of BJP) who are responsible for creating shortage of food articles

Recent sting operations and anna hazare interviews have shown kezriwaal to be just another shallow power-hungry poltician and aam admi party sokle agenda to split hindu and BJP and anti-congress votes&to make dynasty win and loot again! BUT Now delhi voters will surely throw kezrwiall and aap to dustbin surely! since they have seen all the dirty tricks being played by them!If trhere was NO internet and social media nobody would have come to know these rapes and molestattions by the devil tejpal, th darling of crooked nehru dynasty&agents and main media would have Drowned the news like a hot potatao too! When you have support from all powerful dynasty mafia you can do so mnay murdrers too, any one read indian hsitroy of past 66 years&see how even greats like lal bahadur shastri, rajesh pilot, prasasa, madhav rao scindia and so mnay opponents were just sacrificed and offcial records will how they died in traffic accidents or by heart attacks,etc,etc, &that is our banana republic!

Looking at the way the fighting for BJP CM post is going on, is a secret deal really necessary? BJP is good enough to damage itself.

You are 100% correct . in 2009 , vijayakanth got 300 c for standing alone and split the votes of A.D.M.K and corrupt karunanithi and looter sonia won the election

Congress has always played 'divide-and-rule' and created communal tensions, be it in shape of discriminatory laws or appeasement of one creed while neglecting the other ("subsidies for Hajj"). In 2014, I implore you, Indian brothers and sisters either go for MODI or just go HOME. I have had enough. God am I disgusted! I will support any eligible party other than sick-ular congress and its incompetent allies. To any anti-BJP ignorant, flippant pseudo-intellectual I would like to say, if you're so keen to commit suicide by supporting somebody else than BJP or if you're one of those bleeding-heart, selfish elites, dogmatic Kafir-haters or an incorrigible Jihad-sympathizers who think Saffron terror is a bigger threat to Indian democracy than Islam's orgiastic celebration of terrorism, then I suggest you express your views in a way that doesn't drag the whole nation with your inanity. And please, if you really want to live in HELL, do us all a favour and just kill yourself BEFORE elections.

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