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Billionaires and Millionaires Dominate Rajya Sabha 2014

Published: 02nd Feb 2014 07:39:35 AM

Democracy is an abundance of riches, as the worth of the new occupants of the Upper House benches is being revealed in the run up to Rajya Sabha 2014. Thirty-six out of 55—over 70 per cent—are crorepatis. Property is one of the major wealth factors listed and many of the new candidates are businessmen who have entered politics or vice versa. Bihar might be one of the poorest states in India and seeking special category status, but the richest candidate in the new pantheon of Elders is security services millionaire R K Sinha, a BJP nominee. The combined declared assets of Sinha and wife is around Rs 800 crore. Standing behind him is an Independent candidate from Maharastra, the Pune-based real estate moghul Sanjay Kakade, who has declared assets worth Rs 485 crore.

Maharashtra is the land of sugar and honey, and all its seven candidates including Republican Party of India boss, Ramdas Athawale are crorepatis. Agriculture Minister and NCP supremo Sharad Pawar has declared assets exceeding Rs 32 crore. Advocate Majid Menon (NCP) has shown property worth around Rs 23 crore. Congress senior leader Murli Deora has property around Rs 28 crore. Congressman Hussain Dalwai has declared property worth more than Rs 4  crore. Shiv Sena candidate and Videocon owner Raj Kumar Dhoot’s declared assets are worth around Rs 19 crore. Athawale may be a Buddhist by faith and a poet by inclination, but he seems to be worth Rs 3 crore.

The next Rajya Sabha will see a wealth of millionaires. Three candidates from Madhya Pradesh, two from Jharkhand and almost all seven candidates from Andhra Pradesh are crorepatis. From Odisha, the 6th poorest state in the country, five candidates are in the fray for four Rajya Sabha seats. Property maketh the man, it seems and the richest among them is former minister and BJD MLA A U  Singhdeo who owns property more than Rs 11 crore. Congress candidate Ranjiv Biswal has declared property worth about Rs 5 crore; Panchayati Raj Minister Kalpataru Das more than Rs 2 crore; BJD backed independent candidate Raghunath Mohapatra worth more than Rs 3 crore and BJD’s Sarojini Hembrum has property around more than Rs 1 crore.

Andhra Pradesh known for its mining magnates and rich businessmen throws up few surprises in the richie rich category. All seven candidates in the fray, except M A Khan are crorepatis. According to affidavits, the Congress candidate and versatile biz-politico and Tollywood powerhouse T Subbarami Reddy and his wife Indira have assets worth about Rs 422 crore. Independent candidate, gentleman farmer and entrepreneur Adala Prabhakar Reddy declared assets worth Rs  128 crore. Congress senior leader KVP Ramachander Rao’s worth is about Rs 23 crore—a politician, he comes from family in the exports business. The TDP is no poorer—its candidate Garikapati Mohan Rao declared a net worth about Rs 38 crore. Another TDP candidate Ramalakshmi declared assets of more than Rs 6 crore. Telangana makes its millionaire mark with TRS candidate K Kesava Rao declaring assets worth more than Rs 3 crore.

In Madhya Pradesh, Congress candidate Digivijay Singh and former Raja of Ragogarh, returning from a decade of ‘vanaprastha’ declared assets worth more than Rs 2 crore. Both BJP candidates Prabha Jha and Satya Narayan Jatiya has assets more than Rs 1 crore.  The development index of Gujarat is reflected in its RS candidate list: among the four candidates from the state, three are crorepatis. Madhusudhan Mistry of Congress is worth more than Rs 1 crore. BJP candidates Shabhuprasad Tundia and Chinibhai Gohil are worth more than Rs 2.5 crore and Rs 11 crore respectively. From Assam, both Congress candidates Sanjay Singh, former Raja of Amethi  and Bhubaneshwar Kalita have declared assets worth more than Rs 6 crore.

Resource rich, tribal Jharkhand has two candidates, both crorepatis. Independent candidate Parimal Nathwani has assets worth more than Rs  50 crore and Prem Chand Gupta, supported by the UPA  has assets worth more than Rs 6 crore. Veteran Congresswoman and Rajya Sabha candidate from Himachal Pradesh Viplove Thakur has declared assets more than Rs  1 crore.

The Trinamool Congress candidate from West Bengal, the Chandigarh based businessman KD Singh has owned up to property worth more than Rs 80 crore. Yesteryear silver screen’s disco dancer Mithun Chakraborty has assets around Rs 10 crore. In Tamil Nadu, AIADMK candidate S Muthukaruppan has shown property worth more than Rs 6 crore.

According to a recent survey by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and the National Election Watch, Mahendra Prasad of the Janata Dal (United) is at present the richest Rajya Sabha MP, with total assets worth Rs 683 crore, followed by Independent member Vijay Mallya with Rs 615 crore and Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan worth Rs 493 crore.

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This practice is followed by all political parties for Rajya Sabha, reason can be understood. Rich persons accumulating money through unethical means go to save themselves and to peruse for formulating policy in their interest. National Economy is damaged by many of them, by carrying apparent illegal business. Most of them are not concern for the state from they are elected, even MPLADS is not used in general interest of Public.

The growth of India so far is : growth of rich becoming richer by all illegal & unfair methods looting the state (illegal mining , cheating small investors etc) and stacking their black money abroad. It is ridiculous (and also unreasonable) to expect businessmen would be interested in nation's growth : creation of jobs, improvement of skills , equitable distribution wealth etc. as they are the responsibility of the government by making and enforcing laws which encourage employment generation and growth of both poor and rich. Punitive laws alone will not help as businessman's aim is to get richer and his stock price to boom. So the requirement of both poor and rich should be taken care of. However today there is very little encouragement to small business who are cash starved but they are capable of generating large number of low skilled jobs which India needs badly.

The non tax payers in a municipality was found to be the rich and the powerful The rich doesnt know the art of healthy spending.The rich become richer and they do not help their own poor relatives.SELVARKU AZHAGU SEZHUM KILAI THANGUTHAL is seldom found among the rich.I know many politicians who were creepers,intruders and climbers and they need a lot of moral instructions.Live and let live is a phrase found everywhere in T.Nagar Kandhu vatti is still going on sucking the blood of the poor.Laziness among the poor is being promoted among the poor because of Tasmac liquor.Thank God for i am retired and simply get worried at the poor condition of the people.

PICK - Peoples' Important Call Keenly, a Social Service Syndicate is gathering all the Independent Candidates to join hands with to contest as PICK (Name) Independent Candidates - as to unite and win in many Seats of MP Election.The illegal Rich People in the past killed Mr Gandhi and snatched the Freedom from the Common People. Now PICK is going to Bell the Cat and get back the Freedom to the Common People. PICK is going to prove that Politics is so divine, by doing real Social Service to the People; after winning in the Election, it is going to bring out a new National Political Party in the name as PICK Revolutionary Organization - PRO. Those jealous Rich People ruled for 67 yrs and ruined this Nation. PICK will never beg the People to cast their votes but the People have to request PICK Independent Candidates to represent for them in their area; so they have to select the PICK real Social Service Syndicate People in this Election to real FREEDOM to be exercised in this Nation.

At this instant the People of the Nation must use their Intellectuality to cast their votes to the right candidates and those are the PICK - Social Service Syndicate members of this Society those coming forward to help the People with their real Social Service Mentality; as to serve the People like serving God - and to prove that Politics is divine. People must read about PICK in the Facebook and must find out in what all means PICK is going to cleanse and renovate this Nation. The People of this Joined States of India must eradicate and erase all the Fake Political Parties, starting from Congress, BJP and all the other Parties (more than 200 in nos) they are being only to swindle Public Money as that of the brutal British - they made the Freedom fighters to drink the mixture of Human waste and urine in the Andaman jail. Now Sonia is being as the threat to our National Integrity and if the People of Tamil Nadu is going to burst out then quite naturally India will split into pieces.

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