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India activates 'secret' undersea missile

Published: 11th Aug 2013 11:34:00 AM

Amid escalation of simmering tension along the LoC in the wake of unprovoked killing of jawans leading to heightened resentment across the nation, India is contemplating to go for the maiden trial of its long range nuke-capable undersea missile K-4, which had been kept secret so far.

If things go as per the programme, defence sources said the indigenously built submarine launched ballistic (SLBM) missile, which has a strike range of 3000-km to 3,500-km will be test fired from a submerged pontoon, which is almost identical to submarine, off the Vishakhapatnam coast next month.

Though the missile has been designed to be launched from a depth of 50 meter, but this time the scientists are planning to fire it from the undersea platform nearly 20 to 30 meters deep in the Bay of Bengal. Earlier the developmental tests of the missile's gas-booster have already completed successfully.

After the successful activation of the atomic reactor on-board the country’s first indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant in the wee hours on Saturday, the DRDO is in fact readying to conduct the first experimental trial of the much-awaited K-4 as soon as possible. This submarine will be equipped with the K-series missiles.

India has so far planned three missiles in the K-series. The 700-km range K-15, renamed as B-05 by the DRDO has been launched 10 times while the K-5 which will have a striking capability of over 5,000 km is under development. All the K-series missiles are faster, lighter and stealthier. The missiles are far more difficult to tackle as they skulk clandestinely undersea and manoeuvrable thus minimising the chance of being shot down by the enemy.

The DRDO is expecting a successful trial of the missile as it would strengthen the country’s position in the very exclusive club of six nations including Russia, USA, France, Britain and China which have the capability of firing nuclear tipped missiles from air, land and undersea.

With a length of 12 meters and diameter of 1.3 meters, the missile weighs around 17 tonne and is capable of carrying a warhead of around 2 tonne. Basically a ballistic missile as it uses solid propellant, the K-4 missile combines the aspects of both cruise and ballistic missile, which use multiple-stage rockets to exit the atmosphere and re-enter in a parabolic trajectory. It flies in hypersonic speed and is the world's best weapon in this class.

“At least four tests of B-05 and K-4 missiles have been planned. While the B-05 will be fired from the submarine, K-4 will be launched from the pontoon,” the sources added.

Apart from the K-series missiles, India has the submarine version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in its arsenal to boost its second-strike capabilities. However, after the completion of successful trials from INS Arihant, the B-05 missile will be inducted in the armed forces. The DRDO is also developing the air version of the K-series missiles, which can be fitted with fighter aircraft like Sukhoi Su-30-MKI.


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Dear sir I feel the missiles should be test fired against the so called Politicians who are the biggest anti National force wooing the So called Minorities for their VOTES But the tragedy is that these so called Minorities ( I would better call them my Muslim Brothers & Sisters) are not understanding their designs OR it is the Financial MUSCLE OF THESE POLITICIANS WITH FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNTS,Illegitimate as they are by there birth.

I am not a Muslim, and given an opportunity, I would do everything possible to destroy Islamic arrogance around the world, that includes extremism and state sponsors such as Pakistan, Saudi etc. Now to your reply - Indian Muslims (Not the Pathanis or the Kashmiri separatists or the underworlds from Mumbai and their likes in India), are as patriotic as any other Indian. If only being Hindu is your definition of a patriotic Indian, then you are wrong and are biased. If you look at the ones who are destroying India's name, you would sadly see that majority of them are Hindu. From North to South, and East to West every politician (with a handful exceptions) are totally corrupt. Every Indian in the government is corrupt and not worth the money paid to them - this is through first hand experience. Personally I disagree to your biased view. India is as toxic as Pakistan. Common and well meaning Indians are suffering irrespective of their religion, caste or statehood.

I agree with you to the extent that greatest enemies of India have Hindu names. But the number of the enemies belonging to Muslim community is definitely far superior to those from the Hindu community.

If India develops a true SLBM system, it will be a feat of great engineering. Add a "home grown" nuclear submarine fleet, and India will definitely be in "World Power" status. The US needs to make friends with India ASAP and kick Pakistan to the curb.

why should US need to make friendship with India...just to sell its product US can make friend but loose ur privacy & no /to/t

In India even if we have the best of weapons we still lack political will to rule us in normal times.Look the way the present party is ruling or Ruining this country be it comerce,economics,development,social or even the political establishment itself.We have more than 70% self serving politicians in the present Cabinet and a defence minister capable of calling our soldiers martyred as vagabonds. In which country can you see such mindless and self serving people ruling a country of more than a billion. Shame.The PM insulates himself from the country folks and claims to be 'honest' and allows everyone else to plunder the wealth of this country omni directionally.The subservient bureuacracy is happy as they get all their dues,the intelligence appartus is in shambles with intrinsic infighting to the core.Many of the political heavy weights are involved in all types of anti-national activities be it making money or even selling state secrets.Only God save this country. Shame on the politi

why u always point on Politicians...where did the sense of people go for electing these people....for morning walk? Shame on Indians

The induction of the Arihant is a destabilizing factor towards the stability of the region as it enable India towards establishing a sea-based nuclear deterrent, whereby the Indian armed forces currently able to deliver nuclear weapons via fighter aircraft and surface-to-surface missiles. It will add the capability of firing submarine-launched ballistic and cruise missiles.• Indian ‘No First Use’ is in itself judgment to build a large nuclear arsenal, and one which can undoubtedly be seen in the draft nuclear doctrine where India, on the one hand, vow to maintain minimum credible deterrence and on the other, it aspires to build a nuclear triad and further weapon development without taking into account regional stability.

You contradict your own statement, for as you said, a sea-based "deterrent" is being established, which works towards providing a second strike option, necessary to ensure MAD, the ultimate guarantee of prevention of nuclear war. It is this sea-based deterrence which prevented nuclear war between USSR and USA, even at the peak of Cold War, the Cuban missile crisis. Thus rather than being a destabilizing factor, it forces the inhabitants into a Detente, if not total peace.

In order to win upcoming elections, Indian congress have made a comprehensive plan 1st Government's performance was below the public expectations, hence to divert public opinion they have started LOC propaganda. 2nd, recently submarine test and missile tests have been conducted to show the government's concern on external security issues, though India has more internal threats. 3rd, India has started a blame game against Pakistan to cover up its own faults. They have accused Pakistan many times. But the reality has been exposed by their own Indian officers

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