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It's Telangana Time for Sonia But Don't Hurry, Says President

Published: 08th Dec 2013 10:17:55 AM

Though the Union Cabinet has cleared the Telangana draft bill, much needs to be done before T state becomes a reality and clearly, time is not on the Congress side.

The winter session of Parliament has already begun and the Congress will have to run against time to complete all formalities before tabling the bill in the session that ends on December 20. In the unlikely event of the Congress not being able to complete the formalities, it is likely to have the House adjourned on December 20 and reconvene it before or after Pongal. According to sources, the Congress has managed to get an assurance from the BJP that it would support the T bill whenever it is introduced in Parliment after the recess.

After clearance by the Cabinet, the draft has been sent to the President and he may refer it to the State Assembly and give it a time of 30 to 40 days for its members to air their views. The President, a stickler for rules not withstanding his political background, might go by conventions and process followed by his predecessor K R Narayanan who had created three states during the NDA regime.

After the debate on the draft bill in the Assembly, it would be sent back to the President who would in turn send it to the Union Cabinet which will refer it to the Law Ministry where it will be vetted before it could be introduced in Parliament. In fact, reports suggest Congress president Sonia Gandhi had made an attempt to push through the bill by suggesting to President Pranab Mukherjee that 10 to 15 days would be enough for the Assembly debate but the latter reportedly politely declined.

This is because Pranab Mukherjee does not want to go down in history as a President who had bypassed established conventions.

As the Assembly will be in session from December 12, Congress managers have already briefed State party leaders to ensure that the session is as short as possible and return the bill to the President as early as feasible. But for this to happen, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy will have to oblige the Centre.

Having come down a step and convening the Assembly on December 12, it is expected that he would — it is pertinent to mention here that Kiran Reddy's defiance of the Congress high command is increasingly being seen as an act being stage-managed at the party leadership's behest or at best, with its consent.  But Seemandhra ministers and MPs are unlikely to give up their fight. They are already contemplating resignations not only to their ministerial berths but also from Parliament in a bid to destabilise the UPA government. They hope the BJP may not support the bill if it is tabled by a lame duck government. Another threat could possibly come from UPA allies if they decide to ditch the Congress in the event of the ruling party biting the dust in the five States whose poll results will be out Sunday.

In the AP Assembly, Seemandhra MLAs will do their best to prolong the debate while their Telangana counterparts will try to do the opposite. As acrimonious exchanges, tension and ugly scenes are likely to be witnessed during the debate, an unprecedented security cover is being planned at the Assembly.

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After touching record peaks in corruption and incompetence this is UPA's last hurrah -- the murder of democrarcy by suppressing the will and wishes of Seemandhra people who constitute nearly 65% of the population, for petty electoral gains. No wonder the voice of secession is being heard there.

This is our AP - we reside in it. We will need a referendum to split us apart. We share our resources we need our strength to grow.Neither congress (Sonia WHITE, man mohan SIKH) ,nor BJP, nor TRS or TDP (Chaata basket Naidu) or President (who is political stooge), anyone has any right to split until or consent. A referundum is a must TRS, Congress, BJP. All parties supporting the division of my AP will be routed for ever. This is my AP and you have no consent of mine of majority of my AP people and so you have no right BJP, CONGRESS, CPI/CPM, TRS or even TDP? We will watch the assembly and see who is where and we will rout you the divisive forces of AP out of state map in Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema, and believe us for ever. History is possible and is mysterious Common Sonia WHITE and Manmohan SIKH don't divide my AP and have nothing for future generations. 'Vinasha Kaale Vipareeta Buddhi'.That has been our motto all through history and that is why Turks, and Europeans invade

After scaling new peaks of corruption and incompetence, here is UPA's last hurrah -- the murder of democracy by going against the wishes of nearly 65% of the people of AP.

what about the wishes of the remaining people ? Just bcoz majority are against the bifurcation, they cannot impose their wishes on others.

You are taking the capital. So the new state which is being formed is Seemandhra where you are asking us to build our own capital. So obviously it has to be done with our consent and not Telangana peoples.

Hyderabad was capital to Telangana from time immorial. Only Andhra people merged because of ready made capital for their own sake. When they parted from Madras, where was their capital - Kurnool in tents. Therefore Hyderabad legitimately belongs to Telangana people, as just Bombay (Mumbai) belongs to Maharastra.

What do you think the definition of democracy is? Rule by minority or majority. You obviously did not do well in social science at school.

After scaling new peaks of corruption and incompetence, the UPA's last hurrah is the bifurcation of AP against the wishes of about 65% percent of the populace -- the murder of our democracy, for a few seats.Bravo!

BJP should know that AP is part of India and they cannot support Congress on separation for their pilitical gains. It is time all the parties and Judiciary should not allow congress and BJP to divide the state for their narrow gains lest it may lead separate Nation demand If Modi and advani are national should not be party to this like their immature and ignorant leaders like sushma who is worse than a lunatic in her advocacy of separation. Also action should be taken against her and BJP as it was reported had accepted gifts/bribe from telengama in return for support in parliamnent. She should be prosecuted. CITIZEN

AP Division and Judiciary & EC initiative required Supreme Court and EC should take a suo moto case against Congress and BJP and stop this care taker Govt taking a major decision like AP division. Otherwise they would even sell the country totally and would leave any thing for the successor Govt. It is also high time all wise parties should break the monopoly of Congress and BJP who are hand in glove in all issues like AP division Otherwise Congress would not have survived with so many charges. It is surprsing BJP is not even able to raise No confidence motion and it is even behind congress dissidents in this initiative CITIZEN

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