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Richard Family Flight Plan Drawn Up By Nexus of US Diplomats

Published: 19th Jan 2014 09:26:12 AM

Five US diplomats, with tacit support of the US state department, hatched the plan to evacuate domestic help Sangeeta Richard’s family out of India just two days before the arrest and strip-search of her employer and Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York on December 12, say intelligence officials.

Immediately after news of the illegal evacuation of Indian citizens appeared in the media on December 19, intelligence operatives mounted efforts to prevent further damage by US officials who carried out covert operations under the guise of diplomatic privileges. According to sources, intelligence efforts unmasked a group of conspirators connected to 5, Aurangzeb Lane in Lutyens’ Delhi which is notified as an official residence for US diplomats. They include Timothy Haley and his wife Joyce Haley, Uzra Zeya in Washington, and Wayne and Alicia May in Delhi.

Indian intelligence officials gathered that Sangeeta Richard’s in-laws worked for Geoffrey R Pyatt, who served in India almost a decade ago. Their last employer was Wayne May who was deported last week in retaliation against the expulsion of Khobragade. Officials said Pyatt, who is currently US ambassador to Ukraine, was the first US diplomat who hired Sangeeta Richard’s in-laws at 5, Aurangzeb Lane when he was posted as Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs from 2002 to 2007.

The in-laws were later employed by Uzra Zeya, Political Counsellor at US Embassy in New Delhi. Zeya, who had earlier worked as a deputy executive secretary to former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, served in Delhi between 2009 and 2011. She too stayed at 5, Aurangzeb Lane.

 After Zeya left India, Richard’s in-laws were employed by Timothy Haley, Counsellor, Regional Security Office, who occupied the same address. Haley came to India sometime in August 2011 after completing a stint in Mexico. According to sources, he recently left India to temporarily work at the US state department in Washington. He was replaced by Wayne May. “However, Haley’s wife Joyce, who works in consular section of the US embassy in Delhi, stayed back and reportedly facilitated the T-visa for Sangeeta’s husband Philip Richard, daughter Jennifer and son Jatin. This was allegedly done on the direction of Haley and Zeya in Washington,” a source claimed.

 According to officials, after her deputation to the US embassy in Delhi, Zeya served as Chief of Staff to Deputy Secretary William Burns. She also worked as Executive Secretary, US State Department’s Accountability Review Board probing the September 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi.

 However, a US committee on foreign affairs in a meeting in May 2013 had raised suspicion over Zeya’s role in the Benghazi probe after she allegedly shielded Burns and Hillary Clinton from being summoned by the ARB for questioning about the attack. But, the incident is said to have given her career a major boost and she was appointed acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor on March 2013. 

“Zeya allegedly played a major role in converting the entire low wages controversy into a human trafficking issue. Later, Zeya’s department gave trafficking victim status to Sangeeta Richard and also expedited T-visa application for her family,” intelligence officials said.

The money—Rs 1 lakh—for the AI 101 flight tickets for the Richards were paid by Alicia May, wife of expelled US diplomat Wayne May. Alicia, who was working as community liaison officer at the US embassy, New Delhi had given her office phone number for passenger contact.


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This report must be one of the most biased and disgusting and one sided report that can be hatched by any self-respecting reporter. He says, "illegal evacuation of Indian citizens." He should spell what is illegal about it. Are there any complaints from those who were flown away? Does the reporter know that every Indian citizen has the right to leave the country he or she has been restrained by court order. Are there any criminal charges against the people so spirited away? In absence of any legal restraint, what is the reporters problem if they were helped in their need to leave India? Don't we know that thousands of Indians leave the country every year with or without being funded by foreign people? I think we stop all this one-sided drama and for once be honest with ourselves who the real victim is and who the cabal at the helm of the country is trying to help and who the slaves of the cabal are.

It's termed a 'nexus' because it was against indian law and undertaken in the knowledge that khobradage was going to be arrested in ny 2 days later. Wayne May a racist bigot bought the tickets which also made it a conspiratorial action against a friendly government. Get off your rollicking high horse!

It looks like Madan is in the state of denial or on some form of dr*g. How can the reporter be biased and disgusting in his report when the 3 member of Sangeeta's family managed to get the visa within couple of days and the ticket paid by the expelled diplomat in the embassy. If that is the case all Indians traveling abroad should get the airline ticket paid by Alicia May.

we usually called someone "Madan" who is STUPID and it is really Interesting that your question and name is appropriate.

Sangeeta should have been arrested, too. She knew that she was only going to make 30,000 Rs. a month, yet she went before a US Embassy officer and did not say anything about her real agreement with Devyani. I'm sure that DK told her, even before she signed any kind of contract that she was only going to get 30,000 Rs. but that Sangeeta needed to sign another contract as a ~formality~ to get past their Visa laws. Sangeeta was a willing participant in the fraud. She knew what she was doing, but, ~Come on now?~ 30,000 Rs. a month and a chance to go to USA, live in a millionaires house, eat their food, use all of the modern conveniences. Everyone in India would jump on that opportunity. I'm an American, and even I would jump on that opportunity. AND, $600 a month, I could deal with that. It's more than I have left over every month after paying rent, utilities, food, and so on. The real problem with Sangeeta was the two kids. A 4 year and a 7 year old is a lot of work. While De

Almost all the Indians (except for a tiny minority) are unhappy one way or the other. It is high time the US embassy "evacuates" all of us to the promised land. Of course, once again the tickets should be bought from Air India so that the GoI benefits to some extent.

Nice report with intrigue.... But a key point is missing ! Key point: Did these diplomats individually help out in their private capacity or as part of their official duties ?

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