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Aadhaar centre employees in Gujarat quizzed by Delhi Police in data breach case

During the visit, the Delhi Police personnel did not contact any senior official of the Surat collectorate and left after taking statements of the staff working at the Aadhaar centre.

published on : 16th August 2018

'Aadhaar chimeras threat to national security'

Experts opine that it will be impossible to manually remove ghost identities that have trickled into the database since 2011.

published on : 16th August 2018

Aadhaar must to buy Mysore Silk saris during sale in Karnataka

To keep middlemen away from this and to ensure the saris at discounted rates reach the intended beneficiaries.

published on : 14th August 2018

Banks lax in running Aadhaar centres: M Suresh Kumar

This comes after several banks had written last year to UIDAI to depute private operators to Aadhaar enrolment centres on the bank premises by procuring their own sets of machines.

published on : 13th August 2018

Aadhaar dare effect: UIDAI plans public outreach on dos and don'ts of sharing ID number

UIDAI intends to equate the Aadhaar number with other personal information (PAN, bank account and credit card number) to caution users against placing their personal details in the public domain.

published on : 12th August 2018

Aadhaar our digital identity; completely safe & secure: Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Stating that 122 crore Aadhaar cards have been issued so far, Prasad said 95 crore bank accounts have already been linked with the digital identity cards.

published on : 11th August 2018

Aadhaar cards of over 30,000 children under institutional care linked with 'Track Child' Portal

Track Child functions as a central database of all those children who have gone missing. The portal will aid coordination between child homes, police departments and state governments.

published on : 11th August 2018

Kerala floods: Ration cards, Aadhaar gone, residents of Kuttikkattukara fear loss of identity

Along with Panchayat colony, people in Basheer Colony and Mammoonj colony here too have been evacuated.

published on : 11th August 2018

Government extends TRAI chief RS Sharma's tenure amid Aadhar dare controversy 

Sharma, who was first appointed as TRAI chief in July 2015, recently created a stir on Twitter by making his 12-digit Aadhaar number public and challenging the critics to put it to misuse.

published on : 9th August 2018

Disclosure of Aadhaar number doesn't increase one's digital vulnerability, says TRAI Chief

Sharma was also quick to add that the intention behind the disclosure of his 12-digit number was never to abet others to publish or disclose their Aadhaar numbers.

published on : 7th August 2018

Aadhaar in time of data theft scare: Activists call for scrapping of UIDAI

While many activists advocate for UIDAI to be shut down to put an end to the debate, the call has had little success over the months.

published on : 6th August 2018

IT Minister dispels myths about Aadhaar

The best part of Aadhaar system, the Minister said, is that the technology has been indigenously developed.

published on : 5th August 2018

India heading for digital boom: Ravi Shankar Prasad

India which has a population of 130 crore is home to 121.5 crore mobile phones, including nearly 45 crore smartphones.

published on : 5th August 2018

UIDAI row: Google says Aadhaar toll free number 'inadvertently' coded into setup of Android phones

Google apologised saying the numbers can be manually deleted from the phones and also promised to fix the same in future editions of its setup wizard.

published on : 4th August 2018
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