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Theresa May presses her Brexit plan with EU to avoid disorderly UK departure

Before a two-day European Union summit starts on Wednesday evening, May showed no sign of backing away from her Brexit plan.

published on : 19th September 2018

UK government refuses to say if it has taken legal advice on second Brexit referendum

May has repeatedly ruled out holding a second referendum following the vote two years ago to leave the EU.

published on : 10th September 2018

UK set to publish Brexit plan that sparked rebellion 

Britain voted for Brexit in June 2016, but May has so far been unable to present a common position to Brussels on what she wants because of deep divisions in her government.

published on : 12th July 2018

Brexit deal shows UK can leave EU in 'smooth and orderly' way: Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday hailed the deal struck on the first stage of Brexit talks, saying it proved Britain could leave the European Union in a "smooth and orderly way".

published on : 11th December 2017

UK ready to pay 40 billion euro for Brexit divorce bill: Report

Britain voted with 52 per cent in favour of leaving the European Union in a referendum last year.

published on : 6th August 2017