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 European Commission opens in-depth investigation into Apple's Shazam acquisition

The European Commission has announced an in-depth investigation into Apple's proposed USD 400 million acquisition of popular music recognition app Shazam.

published on : 24th April 2018

European Union suspects tax fraud at China's new gateway to Europe

European Union and Italian authorities are investigating suspected wide-scale tax fraud by Chinese criminal gangs importing goods via Greece's largest port of Piraeus.

published on : 23rd April 2018

European Union lawmakers demand Russia World Cup boycott

The 60 MEPs said all European Union countries should follow the lead of Britain and non-EU member Iceland in refusing to send official delegations to the tournament, which starts on June 14.

published on : 22nd April 2018

Rightwing migration demo blocks France-Italy border crossing 

Migration remains a big issue along the French-Italian border, interior minister Gerard Collomb said on Friday night, referencing some 50,000 people denied entry in 2017.

published on : 21st April 2018

EU welcomes North Korean move on nuclear tests, urges denuclearisation

The EU 's position on North Korea remained at this stage unchanged, combining sanctions with open communication channels.

published on : 21st April 2018

Russia joins EU, China and India to win compensation over US metals tariffs

Longtime US allies including Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Australia and the EU have won temporary exemption from application of the tariffs, pending talks with the United States.

published on : 19th April 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, British PM Theresa May ​hold talks on infusing new energy into post-Brexit bilateral ties

Modi's UK visit this week will have a particular focus on the India-UK technological partnership as well as an enhanced role in the Commonwealth.

published on : 18th April 2018

No Brexit deal without Ireland solution, says European Union President Donald Tusk

Former Polish premier Tusk said he wanted to 'use the positive momentum' in recent negotiations to finally settle issues including Ireland.

published on : 18th April 2018

Syria strikes for honour of international community: French President Emmanuel Macron

In an impassioned defence to the European Parliament, Macron said the allies had to act to defend global rules and accused Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad of being "at war with his people."

published on : 17th April 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron warns Europe against 'authoritarianism'

In his first speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Macron said there was a "sort of European civil war" and called on the bloc to defend democracy.

published on : 17th April 2018

Macron proposes EU fund for communities that take refugees

Macron proposed to create a European fund for communities that take in refugees in a bid to tackle one of the most politically toxic issues facing the EU.

published on : 17th April 2018

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern pushes for European Union trade deal

Jacinda Ardern on Monday pushed for a "progressive" free-trade agreement with the European Union in the coming months.

published on : 17th April 2018

Facebook takes out ads to tout new European Union data protection law

Facebook said it would be asking users to check their privacy settings and tell the firm how "we may use your data".

published on : 16th April 2018

EU senses Facebook scandal shifts privacy tide in its favour

European Union will introduce tough new data protection rules next month, which Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg himself has welcomed in the face of the latest scandals. 

published on : 14th April 2018

Green cover shrinking in Hyderabad: Satellite image captured by European Space Agency speaks a thousand words

The lack of enough green cover in Hyderabad was made apparent in a satellite image tweeted on Friday, none other than by the European Space Agency.

published on : 14th April 2018
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