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Sri Lankan cabinet forms committee to go into deal with China on Hambantota port

The Sri Lankan cabinet has formed a committee to go into the government’s latest proposal on the distribution of shares in the Sino-Sri Lankan joint venture.

Published on 22nd March 2017

Colombo’s pro-West tilt brings Chinese Defence Minister post haste to Sri Lanka

Concerned about Sri Lanka’s lurch towards the US and the West, China is sending its Defence Minister Gen.Chang Wanquan to Colombo for a there-day trip beginning on Sunday.

Published on 19th March 2017

Sri Lanka proposes to cut Chinese stake in Hambantota port from 80 to 60 per cent

The proposal comes in the wake of the Ports Minister Arjuna Ranatunga campaigning against the existing agreement on the port.

Published on 18th March 2017

Sri Lankan government to have veto on military use of Hambantota port

There is already a Sri Lankan naval base there, which, according to the agreement, will become a property of the joint venture company.

Published on 12th March 2017

China 'Silk Road' project in Sri Lanka delayed as Beijing toughens stance

Heavily indebted Sri Lanka needs the money, but payment for China's interests in Hambantota port could be delayed by several weeks or months

Published on 16th February 2017

Chinese military will not be permitted at Hambantota port

Ironically Rajapaksa who procured about USD 7 billion for Hambantota and other projects opposed the handing over of the port and land to Chinese.

Published on 4th February 2017

Sri Lankan Supreme Court will decide fate of China-funded Hambantota port

Under the proposal of the selected company, Sri Lanka Ports Authority has no revenue stream for first 15 years of the port operation.

Published on 13th January 2017
Maithripala Sirisena 4

Sri Lankan President denies agreement with Chinese company on Hambantota port

The head of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna says the Hambantota port affair shows that there is complete confusion in the government.

Published on 6th January 2017

Sri Lanka re-negotiating Hambantota port deal with China

The cabinet has appointed a committee to discuss the matter with the China Merchants Ports Holding Company.

Published on 5th January 2017

Sri Lankan opposition asks Sirisena to scuttle Hambantota port deal with Chinese company

On the SLPA’s valuation of the project at US$ 1.4 billion, the Joint Opposition wanted to know on what basis this figure was arrived at.

Published on 3rd January 2017
Hambantota port in south Sri Lanka. (File photo)

Sirisena to push for amendments in Sino-Lankan pact on Hambantota port

President Sirisena is likely to ask the Chinese to bring down their equity in the Hambantota Sino-Lankan JV from the present 80 percent to a more politically acceptable level, sources said.

Published on 1st January 2017
Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Rajapaksa threatens to overturn deal with China on Hambantota port

Rajapaksa, and his new organisation the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna (SLPP), have threatened to abrogate the agreement with when they come to power.

Published on 16th December 2016
Cars for transhipment being unloaded at Hambantota harbor Sri Lanka

Shipping insurance companies dub Hambantota port in Sri Lanka as 'High Risk'

After the departure of the two ships which were released by the navy by the use of force, no ship has berthed in Hambantota.

Published on 14th December 2016
Hambantota port (Courtesy: Wikicommons)

Japanese vessel detention makes shipping lines avoid Hambantota port

The port, constructed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa with a Chinese loan of US$ 1.4 billion, has been without business so far because it has no worthwhile hinterland.

Published on 13th December 2016
Hambantota Port (Photo: Wikimedia)

China gains near full control of Hambantota port in South Sri Lanka

The Framework Agreement provides for the setting up of a JV company between CMPort and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Published on 11th December 2016

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