Hassan Rouhani

Iran threat: US B-52 bombers land in Qatar, aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln on way to Persian Gulf

Iran has given European leaders a 60-day deadline to find a way to shield it from US sanctions targeting its economy, or else they would begin to enrich uranium closer to weapons-grade levels.

published on : 10th May 2019

Iran inches away from nuclear deal amid US sanctions

Rouhani said Iran wanted to negotiate new terms with remaining partners in the deal, but acknowledged that the situation was dire.

published on : 8th May 2019

Imran comes under opposition's attack for acknowledging terrorists used Pakistan soil against Iran

The Pakistan Prime Minister admitted of terrorists using Pakistani soil against Iran during a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last week.

published on : 24th April 2019

Iran, Pakistan announce setting up of border 'reaction force' after attacks

Islamabad had said it had evidence the 'terrorist outfits' that carried out the attack in Balochistan had 'training and logistic camps inside Iranian areas bordering Pakistan.'

published on : 22nd April 2019

Iran President Hassan Rouhani hails 'special' ties with Iraq ahead of visit 

Rouhani's visit to Iraq will be the first since he became president in 2013.

published on : 11th March 2019

Iran vows revenge on 'mercenaries' behind suicide attack

Wednesday's attack, which targeted a busload of Revolutionary Guards in the volatile southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, was one of the deadliest on Iranian security forces in years.

published on : 14th February 2019

Son-in-law of Iran president Hassan Rouhani faces nepotism claims

The appointment of Kambiz Mehdizadeh, in his early thirties and reportedly married to Rouhani's daughter in a low-key wedding this August, was widely criticised by Iranians on social media.

published on : 16th December 2018

If Iran can't export oil from Gulf, no other country can, Iran's president Hassan Rouhani threatens

Tensions have risen between Iran and the United States after US President Donald Trump withdrew from a multilateral nuclear deal in May and reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

published on : 5th December 2018

 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urges Muslim unity against 'hostile' US, Israel

He made the remarks at the 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference which kicked off in the capital Tehran earlier in the day.

published on : 24th November 2018

Iran President Hassan Rouhani calls Israel a 'cancerous tumor' established by Western countries

Rouhani said the United States cultivates close ties with regional Muslim nations to protect Israel, an apparent reference to Iran's regional rival Saudi Arabia and the kingdom's Sunni Arab allies.

published on : 24th November 2018

Iran president Hassan Rouhani alleges US hand in journalist Jamal Khashoggi murder

Khashoggi, a government critic who was living in self-imposed exile in the United States, was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 as he organised the paperwork for his marriag

published on : 24th October 2018

US is loser by abandoning Iran nuclear deal: Hassan Rouhani

The US is due to complete the reimposition of sanctions on November 5, targeting Iran's oil sector and central bank.

published on : 14th October 2018

US President Donald Trump takes anti-Iran campaign to UN Security Council

The United States has moved to reimpose sanctions that had been lifted under the landmark deal to curb Iran's nuclear program and has vowed to punish foreign firms that do business with Iran.

published on : 26th September 2018

Hassan Rouhani accused Donald Trump of trying to topple his government

"I am starting the dialogue right here, and state, in unequivocal terms, that the question of international security is not a toy in American domestic politics."

published on : 26th September 2018

Iran supreme leader says attackers 'funded by' Saudi and UAE 

In the immediate aftermath of the attack on Saturday, Iranian authorities said they suspected Arab separatist groups were behind the attack, none of whom is known to have a presence in Syria.

published on : 24th September 2018
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