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Iran president Hassan Rouhani alleges US hand in journalist Jamal Khashoggi murder

Khashoggi, a government critic who was living in self-imposed exile in the United States, was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 as he organised the paperwork for his marriag

published on : 24th October 2018

US is loser by abandoning Iran nuclear deal: Hassan Rouhani

The US is due to complete the reimposition of sanctions on November 5, targeting Iran's oil sector and central bank.

published on : 14th October 2018

US President Donald Trump takes anti-Iran campaign to UN Security Council

The United States has moved to reimpose sanctions that had been lifted under the landmark deal to curb Iran's nuclear program and has vowed to punish foreign firms that do business with Iran.

published on : 26th September 2018

Hassan Rouhani accused Donald Trump of trying to topple his government

"I am starting the dialogue right here, and state, in unequivocal terms, that the question of international security is not a toy in American domestic politics."

published on : 26th September 2018

Iran supreme leader says attackers 'funded by' Saudi and UAE 

In the immediate aftermath of the attack on Saturday, Iranian authorities said they suspected Arab separatist groups were behind the attack, none of whom is known to have a presence in Syria.

published on : 24th September 2018

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani blames US after attack on military parade

Hassan Rouhani's comments came as Iran's Foreign Ministry also summoned Western diplomats over them allegedly providing havens for the Arab separatists who claimed Saturday's attacks

published on : 23rd September 2018

Iran vows 'crushing response' after gunmen kill 29 at army parade

The Iran summoned diplomats from Denmark, the Netherlands and Britain over their "hosting of some members of the terrorist group" which carried out the attack.

published on : 23rd September 2018

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vows to boost Iran missiles despite Western concerns

Iran has ballistic missiles with a range of up to 3,500 kilometres (2,200 miles), enough to reach both Israel and US bases in the Middle East.

published on : 22nd September 2018

European powers try to keep Iran nuclear deal alive amid US sanctions

Their delicate, and perhaps unrealistic, task is to build a case for Tehran to respect the deal's limits on its nuclear program even though Washington has pulled out.

published on : 21st September 2018

Emmanuel Macron to meet Trump, Iran's Rouhani at UN in New York 

Donald Trump has signalled that he might be willing to meet with Rouhani as well, after re-imposing sanctions against Iran last month.

published on : 19th September 2018

Iran nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi says atomic program strong: AP

The remarks by Ali Akbar Salehi, who also serves as a vice president to Iran's elected leader Hassan Rouhani, come as Iran tries to salvage an accord now challenged by President Donald Trump.

published on : 11th September 2018

Iran parliament drops plan to impeach education minister

President Hassan Rouhani has faced mounting pressure from lawmakers over his handling of an economic crisis, partly triggered by the withdrawal of the United States from the 2015 nuclear deal.

published on : 2nd September 2018

Iran lawmakers reject President Hassan Rouhani's answers on falling economy

The lawmakers, who have already impeached his labour and economy ministers this month, were unimpressed. 

published on : 28th August 2018

Iran lawsuit against US sanctions opens at UN court

Sanctions had been lifted under a 2015 multilateral agreement in return for Iran committing not to pursue nuclear weapons, but Trump reimposed unilateral sanctions three weeks ago.

published on : 27th August 2018

Iran economy minister Masoud Karbasian impeached

Karbasian lost the vote of confidence, which was carried live on state radio, by 137 votes to 121, with two abstentions.

published on : 26th August 2018
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