Nano capsules: Small in size but big on impact 

Team from IIT-Mandi develops complex nano-dimensional capsules

published on : 17th June 2019

IIT-Madras team’s hyperloop pod set for global contest by SpaceX

Hyperloop is the fifth mode of transportation, a high-speed train that travels in a near-vacuum tube.

published on : 15th June 2019

IIT-M data raises question on rationale for EWS quota 

Open category admission information shows that economically weaker sections among forward castes are adequately represented.

published on : 11th May 2019

IIT-M signs MoU for device to make water from air

Called ‘NERO,’ the device will produce four to five litres of potable water per day and will immensely benefit residents of the region that face water crisis.

published on : 9th March 2019

IIT-Madras and Sankara Nethralaya bring out path-breaking treatment for retinoblastoma

According to the statement, the research will help in ensuring better treatment for retinoblastoma that affects one in every 1,500 children across the world.

published on : 1st March 2019

Bengaluru firm blacklisted for sacking 3 IIT-Madras recruits?

The IIT-Madras has reportedly blacklisted a Bengaluru-based firm for sacking three of its students without giving proper justification. 

published on : 1st March 2019

Love saga: IIT student stabbed by classmate 

A second-year post graduate student at IIT-Madras was allegedly stabbed by his classmate inside the campus on Wednesday. 

published on : 14th February 2019

IIT-M Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle alleges harassment by intel teams

The statement read and claimed that the Central government is targeting study circles named after Ambedkar and Periyar in the country.  

published on : 12th February 2019

IIT-Madras scholars protest inviting B M Hegde for lecture

Belle Monappa Hegde, who had won the third highest civilian award in 2010, was invited by one of the student bodies of the institute, 'Saathi' to lecture on the topic 'Matters that Matter'.

published on : 5th February 2019

IIT-M researchers generate lasers from alcohol-cooked carrots

'We were pumping light through various organic materials and found that carrots have lasing properties. for example, we also tried orange juice and tomato juice,' Sivarama Krishnan said.

published on : 4th February 2019

IIT-Madras student commits suicide in his hostel room

Earlier this month, a woman PhD scholar from IIT-M's metallurgy department allegedly committed suicide in her hostel room.

published on : 29th January 2019

Power from waste water, IIT-M alumni’s new idea

A statement issued by the institute says VT Fidal Kumar and his start-up JSP Enviro have developed microbial fuel cells, which can generate current by treating the waste water. 

published on : 23rd January 2019

Portrait ready in a blink: Asia's first speed painter Vilas Nayak can paint in just three minutes

Vilas worked in Bengaluru for about six years as a human resource officer before quitting his lucrative but mundane corporate job in 2011 to pursue his passion for art.

published on : 22nd January 2019

IIT-Madras latest special: A 100-feet dosa

The dosa was made on a 105-ft pan specially made for the purpose in coordination with the engineering team of Saravana Bhavan.

published on : 12th January 2019

IIT-Madras creates 'space fuel' in lab 

The research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), could help curb greenhouse gases as well as provide a new, sustainable source of energy.

published on : 9th January 2019
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