Indonesia president Joko Widodo urges delay in law banning sex outside marriage

On Friday, the Australian embassy in Jakarta issued a fresh travel advisory for Indonesia, warning that the legislation could put unmarried foreign tourists in the crosshairs.

published on : 20th September 2019

Indonesia moving to ban sex outside marriage

Rights groups say the proposals underscore a growing shift towards fundamentalism in a country long hailed for its religious tolerance.

published on : 20th September 2019

Indonesian police arrest hundreds linked to forest fires

Those arrested could be prosecuted under an environmental protection law that provides for a maximum 10-year prison sentence for setting fires to clear land.

published on : 19th September 2019

Minimum age for brides raised from 16 to 19 in Indonesia

As per 'Girls Not Brides', a global partnership committed to ending child marriages, Indonesia has the eighth highest number of child brides in the world.

published on : 18th September 2019

Indonesia arrests nearly 200 over raging forest fires

The fires -- usually started by illegal burning to clear land for farming -- have unleashed choking haze across Southeast Asia, triggering diplomatic tensions with Indonesia's neighbours.

published on : 16th September 2019

Hyderabadi woman alleges daughter held captive by husband in Indonesia, urges EAM to rescue her

Nazma Begum, mother, has alleged that his son-in-law consistently tortures Heena (daughter) both physically and mentally.

published on : 13th September 2019

Indonesia forest fires surge, stoking global warming fears

Illegal blazes to clear land for agricultural plantations have been raging on Sumatra, Borneo islands, with Indonesia deploying water-bombing helicopters, thousands of security forces to tackle them.

published on : 13th September 2019

Kin of woman stuck in Jakarta seeks MEA help

She was informed that “Hina was accidentally burnt” and the man demanded money for treatment.

published on : 5th September 2019

Protesters burn local government building in Papua calling for region's independence

Conflicts between indigenous Papuans and Indonesian security forces are common in the impoverished region, which Indonesia annexed more than half a century ago.

published on : 29th August 2019

Indonesia to start constructing new capital in 2020

The current capital, Jakarta, home to more than 10 million people, sits on swampy land and parts of the city are sinking by as much as 25 cm a year.

published on : 27th August 2019

Indonesia picks new capital, eastern Borneo island to replace Jakarta

Jakarta is one of the fastest-sinking cities on earth, with environmental experts warning that one third of it could be submerged by 2050 if current rates continue.

published on : 26th August 2019

Indonesia shuts internet in Papua over unrest fears

A rebel insurgency against Jakarta's rule has simmered for decades in the island region, which shares a border with Papua New Guinea.

published on : 22nd August 2019

Sinking city: Indonesia's capital Jakarta on brink of disaster

One of the fastest-sinking cities on earth, environmental experts warn that one-third of it could be submerged by 2050 if current rates continue.

published on : 16th August 2019

Sinking city: Indonesia's capital on brink of disaster

Decades of uncontrolled and excessive depletion of groundwater reserves, rising sea-levels, and increasingly volatile weather patterns mean swathes of Jakarta have already started to disappear.

published on : 16th August 2019

Not just Bali: Indonesia hopes to develop more tourism sites

Indonesia's reelected President Joko Widodo wants to change the dynamic by pushing ahead with '10 new Balis,' an ambitious plan to boost tourism and diversify Southeast Asia's largest economy.

published on : 13th August 2019
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