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Goats die under mysterious circumstances, veterinarians dispel fears of dairy farmers in Vellore

The farmers belonging to villages including Mitalam, Bairapalli, Banderapalli, Vannianathapuram and Abigiripattarai say that hundreds of goats have died due to infection.

published on : 12th February 2019

Enteroviruses most common cause of CNS infections in children

Routine labs cannot culture viruses which are known to be the causative agents in majority of CNS infections.

published on : 26th January 2019

‘HIV window period major issue in blood donation’

Thus, there is the risk of HIV-infected blood, tested during the ‘window period’ but ‘found’ uninfected, being used for transfusion.

published on : 19th January 2019

Keeping urinary infections at bay

A product called Pee Cone was launched in Hyderabad on Friday which promises to solve this problem by making it possible for women to pee standing up.

published on : 5th January 2019

Include forensic experts in HIV infected teen’s autopsy: Madras High Court

The dean submitted that performing postmortem on an HIV-infected person within 72 hours of death could infect the doctors.

published on : 1st January 2019

Tamil Nadu: One more allegation of HIV infection at Mettur government hospital crops up 

Health secretary J Radhkrishnan assured that every case would be investigated to check for medical negligence. 

published on : 31st December 2018

Sleeping in contact lenses can cause dangerous eye infections 

Six reports published in the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine showed that improper care or wear can lead to infections of the cornea like microbial keratitis.

published on : 30th December 2018

Stethoscopes loaded with infectious bacteria

The research, published in the journal Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, also reviewed the effectiveness of cleaning methods.

published on : 14th December 2018

Dharwad village residents drain lake after ‘HIV’ woman drowns

The villagers noticed the body of the 36-year-old woman floating in the lake on November 29.The flesh had been partly eaten by fish, which made them fear infection and decide to empty the lake.

published on : 5th December 2018

Dr Reddy's Labs recalls 35,000 tubes of skin infection cream from US

The recall is on account of "failed stability specifications - an out of specification result was observed for the test parameter: composition of Nystatin during stability testing," it added.

published on : 14th October 2018

Resort to Ayurveda

I recently met a gentleman in a senior ayurvedic practitioner’s clinic. He was about 70 years old and very emaciated.

published on : 14th October 2018

New drug delivery system may help prevent infections 

The new mechanism allows compounds to slowly release antimicrobials into local environments, resulting in high amounts of the molecule in a specific location.

published on : 10th October 2018

Nearly 40 individual HPV types linked to HIV infection

The findings showed that a person with any HPV type, more than one HPV type, or high-risk HPV are more likely to test positive for HIV.

published on : 7th October 2018

Drinking more water can reduce bladder infections in women

According to researchers, more fluids help to reduce bacteria and limit the ability of bacteria to attach to the bladder.

published on : 4th October 2018

Supreme Court asks Gujarat, Centre to explain cause of lions’ death at Gir forest

The Supreme Court on Wednesday questioned the Gujarat and the Central governments over the death of 23 lions in the state’s Gir Forest in the last 20 days.

published on : 4th October 2018
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