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How Zika virus strips immune cells of their identity

Macrophages are immune cells that are supposed to protect the body from infection by viruses and bacteria. Yet Zika virus preferentially infects these cells.

published on : 11th September 2018

E-Coli Bacteria from poultry products may cause serious urinary tract infections 

Many people think of urinary tract infections (UTIs) as a common and minor annoyance, but invasive UTIs that involve the kidneys or blood can be life-threatening.

published on : 29th August 2018

Here are some tips to keep common monsoon diseases at bay

According to Harish Mohan, Founder, Sipwise Beverages, here are six ingredients that help us fortify our immunity against monsoon attacks.

published on : 3rd August 2018

Wisconsin man contracts rare blood infection from dog

A Wisconsin man was preparing for additional surgeries after having part of his legs and forearms amputated because of a dog lick that led to a rare blood infection, his wife has said.

published on : 3rd August 2018

Child dies from suspected Shigella infection; Kozhikode on alert

According to the authorities, Ziyan was suffering from acute diarrhoea and admitted to Kozhikode Medical College on Sunday.

published on : 24th July 2018

Drug-resistant sepsis kills 57,000 newborns in India annually: Study 

Antibiotic resistance is a major global health threat which accounts for more than two million infections and 23,000 deaths annually in the US, researchers found.

published on : 22nd July 2018

Herpes virus linked to Alzheimer's, antivirals may help: Research

A study by Taiwanese epidemiologists shows that herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) leads to an increased risk of developing the disease, said researchers from the University of Manchester.

published on : 15th July 2018

World Zoonoses Day: Take necessary precaution, avoid animal infection

As July 6 marked World Zoonoses Day,  Dr Puthussery Sumesh Chacko gives a detailed insight into the disease.

published on : 9th July 2018

Proteins in semen help spread of Ebola virus

Targeting these protein fragments, called amyloid fibrils, in semen could prevent a sexually transmitted spread of the Ebola virus, researchers said.

published on : 26th June 2018

Ancient syphilis causing genomes recovered

The syphilis-causing genomes from the bacterium "Treponema pallidum" (T.pallidum) were recovered from the remains of five individuals found in a historical site in Mexico City.

published on : 25th June 2018

‘Preventive medicine’ leaves many uneasy at government hospital

Amid panic due to Nipah infection, another issue surfaced on Saturday when a group of people known to have consumed preventive medicine given by a staff at Manassery Government Homoeopathic Hospital.

published on : 3rd June 2018

Nipah virus infection, a newly emerging zoonosis that causes severe disease

In infected people, Nipah virus causes a range of illnesses from asymptomatic (subclinical) infection to acute respiratory illness and fatal encephalitis.

published on : 30th May 2018

Health Department on contingency mode

A drastic decrease in fresh cases of the Nipah infection proves the virus outbreak is close to being contained fully.

published on : 30th May 2018

Nipah virus case: Despite action, boycott is on

Despite efforts by various bodies, such as the Health Department, Perambra hospital staff, including its superintendent, continue to face discrimination

published on : 25th May 2018

TNIE Impact | Nipah virus: Health Department to step up awareness in Perambra to combat ostracisation of medical staff

Express had reported how a nurse at Perambra hospital faced mental agony after the conductor of a bus she was travelling advised a fellow passenger not to sit beside her.

published on : 24th May 2018
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