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Feeling sleepy during the day may trigger Alzheimer's: Researchers

A long-term study of ageing adults showed that those who report being very sleepy during the day were nearly three times more likely than those who didn't to have brain deposits of beta amyloid.

published on : 10th September 2018

Fans lose calm as Insomniac reveal 'Spider-Man's release date

Twitter has gone wild as  Insomniac has released the launch date for its new game, based on Spider-Man.

published on : 5th April 2018

Not sleeping enough? Beware of memory loss

Research indicates that India is alarmingly high on sleep deprivation and much of it is attributed to increasing stress levels and disruptive work diaries. 

published on : 3rd April 2018

World Sleep Day: Meditate your way to sound slumber

A growing body of medical evidence links inadequate sleep with anger, anxiety, and sadness. 

published on : 16th March 2018

World Sleep Day: Meditate to overcome insomnia, sleep disorders 

"Heartfulness Meditation" is a simple heart-based meditation practice that helps with stress, burnout and emotional wellness.

published on : 15th March 2018

Over 60 per cent women suffer from insomnia in late pregnancy

Researchers in Spain have found that 64 per cent of pregnant women suffer from insomnia in the third trimester of pregnancy.

published on : 30th January 2018

Suffering from Insomnia? Here's how writing  to-do list will help you sleep faster

Participants in the to-do list condition fell asleep significantly faster than those in the completed-list condition.  

published on : 15th January 2018

Five signs that show you are not getting enough sleep

Sleep is a vital driver of every physiological system in the human body, and when we’re deprived of shuteye, health and wellbeing can suffer in many ways.

published on : 13th December 2017

Lack of sleep may affect brain functioning

Sleep deprivation could have negative consequences on your health.

published on : 14th November 2017