Rocket attack hits near US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone

While there were no casualities, the attack comes amid increasing tensions across the Persian Gulf, after US ordered its navy to the region earlier this month to counter a threat against Iran.

published on : 20th May 2019

Bomb attack on Shiite militiamen kills 7 in eastern Iraq

While 26 were injured, no one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

published on : 19th May 2019

Return of Iraq-Syria flights postponed: Damascus

Iraqi Airways, said Thursday it would resume flights to Damascus for the first time since the Syrian civil war started in 2011.

published on : 18th May 2019

Once again, Iraq caught up in tensions between US and Iran

Despite the escalation of rhetoric by both sides, President Donald Trump has said he doesn't want a war with Iran and has even said he is open to dialogue.

published on : 18th May 2019

In time for Ramadan, Iraqi TV drama 'The Hotel' returns after 7 years

It is the first Ramadan drama to be produced in Iraq since 2012, according to the cast and crew, and it heralds a return of an essential TV genre to the country.

published on : 5th May 2019

Iraq summons US diplomat over offensive comments

Iraqi Foreign Ministry issued a statement late Saturday, demanding the US embassy to delete the offensive publication, and refrain from issuing such publications in the future.

published on : 28th April 2019

Iraq moves to ban online game PUBG for 'inciting violence'

It is ubiquitous in Iraq, which has been ravaged by decades of consecutive conflicts -- most recently the three-year battle against the Islamic State jihadist group.​

published on : 17th April 2019

Wars, climate disasters caused acute hunger to 11 crore people worldwide, Africa worst-hit

African states were "disproportionally" affected as close to 72 million people on the continent suffered acute hunger, the FAO's emergencies director Dominique Bourgeon said on Tuesday.

published on : 2nd April 2019

At least 77 dead as Tigris ferry on spring holiday trip sinks in Iraq

The vessel was crammed with men, women and children crossing the Tigris to go to a popular picnic area to celebrate Nowruz, the Kurdish New Year and a holiday across Iraq marking the start of spring.

published on : 22nd March 2019

India deploys CRPF elite squad to guard embassy in Iraq

The multi-skilled CRPF troops have taken charge of the embassy complex located in the Al Mansour area of the Iraqi capital.

published on : 18th March 2019

3,000 IS kids living in 'extremely dire conditions' says UNICEF

The fate of children in Syria and Iraq countries has become a vexing issue for many nations whose citizens travelled to join the IS and now wish to return.

published on : 14th March 2019

Iran President Hassan Rouhani hails 'special' ties with Iraq ahead of visit 

Rouhani's visit to Iraq will be the first since he became president in 2013.

published on : 11th March 2019

Iraq doctors say vendettas threaten their lives as they save others

Doctors, nurses, and other health workers across Iraq say they regularly risk being physically harassed, verbally threatened, and even kidnapped while on the job.

published on : 28th February 2019

Top Iraqi cleric rejects Donald Trump's statements on US troops

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is the latest Iraqi official to criticize Trump's remarks made to US media in which he said US troops are needed in Iraq so that America can "watch Iran."

published on : 6th February 2019

15 stranded in Iraq: Chief Secy writes to External Affairs ministry

In the letter, Joshi listed out the names of the fifteen persons who were stranded in Iraq.

published on : 18th January 2019
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