Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris says Trump enjoys inciting hateful speech, actions

'It seems he derives some element of joy in inciting people around, around outrageous and hateful rhetoric,' Harris said about Trump's recent series of remarks on congresswomen of colour. 

published on : 10th August 2019

US Democratic presidential aspirant Kamala Harris raises USD 23 million this year 

Harris's presidential campaign raised nearly USD 12 million from more than 279,000 people in the second quarter of 2019, she has raised more than USD 23 million in this campaign.

published on : 8th July 2019

US Democratic presidential aspirant Kamala Harris on race and electability in 2020 elections

Kamala Harris has gained ground recently due to her debate performance, particularly her exchange over race with Joe Biden.

published on : 8th July 2019

US Democratic presidential candidate Biden apologizes for comments defending segregationist senators

Kamala Harris, during the debates, accused Biden of opposing the busing of black students to schools in white neighbourhoods during the 1970s as part of desegregation efforts.

published on : 7th July 2019

Kamala Harris' campaign raises USD 12 million in second quarter

Harris, who is of Indian and Jamaican descent, still lags behind in fundraising totals when compared alongside other 2020 Democratic contenders.

published on : 6th July 2019

Kamala Harris surges to second spot among US Democratic presidential aspirants 

Kamala Harris, 54, the first Indian-origin American Senator, soared to 20 per cent in the Quinnipiac University survey, while former US Vice President Joe Biden fell to 22 per cent.

published on : 3rd July 2019

WATCH | Kamala Harris dances at San Francisco pride parade 

The senator from California, who has regularly participated in pride parades ever since she was district attorney, wore shiny rainbow-coloured sequined jacket.

published on : 1st July 2019

Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris targeted online for her 'black heritage'

The California Senator was the target of birtherism-like attack, the latest jabs to racism faced by former President Barack Obama as a movement that denied that Obama was a natural-born US resident.

published on : 30th June 2019

Sikh activists demand apology from Kamala Harris for defending discriminatory policy in 2011

Harris allegedly defended a discriminatory policy in 2011 that prohibited state prison guards from keeping beards for religious reasons, even though exceptions were given for medical reasons.

published on : 30th June 2019

Kamala Harris gets personal, delivers civil rights blow to Joe Biden

But she criticized him for recently "defending segregationists" in the Senate and for once opposing mandatory busing of students to desegregated public schools.

published on : 28th June 2019

Kamala Harris delivers civil rights blow on Joe Biden at first US Democratic presidential debate

Harris criticized Biden for recently 'defending segregationists' in the Senate and for once opposing mandatory busing of students to desegregated public schools.

published on : 28th June 2019

Democrat Senator Cory Booker hires several Indian-Americans for his 2020 presidential bid

Prominent candidates include former Vice President Joe Biden, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Senators Kamala Harris, Michael Bennet, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

published on : 1st June 2019

No benefit in breaking up Facebook: COO Sheryl Sandberg

Several US Senators have called for breaking up the social network amid repeated data breaches and privacy violations on the platform.

published on : 18th May 2019

Kamala Harris invokes Indian heritage in response to Trump's immigration plan

We cannot allow people to start creating hierarchies among immigrants., Haris said on the plan's intention to award immigrants certain points based on education or skills.

published on : 17th May 2019

Kamala Harris open to reforming Supreme Court

Campaigning in New Hampshire on Wednesday, the Democratic presidential candidate and California senator said she'd consider increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

published on : 16th May 2019
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