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Uddanam chronic kidney disease patients left in the lurch

The awareness campaigns that were conducted from September were stopped on October 9 because of the cyclone.

published on : 15th November 2018

Idduvanipalem women ban liquor sale

 Result: Complete ban on sale and consumption of alcohol in the village to ensure domestic peace.

published on : 14th November 2018

Removing ovaries linked to chronic kidney disease

The study from the Mayo Clinic in the US showed that women who had their ovaries removed had a 6.6 per cent higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease, compared to those who did not.

published on : 20th September 2018

New virus behind kidney disease uncovered

Parvoviruses are extremely small viruses that are generally benign, except in immune-compromised individuals.

published on : 14th September 2018

Caffeine may help individuals with kidney ailments live longer

In a new study, researchers hypothesised that caffeine consumption might be associated with lower mortality among participants with chronic kidney disease.

published on : 12th September 2018

Medical camps in Uddanam villages

Addressing a gathering at an awareness meeting at Sompeta, the Collector said screening tests were conducted only in 176 out of the total 589 villages in the Uddanam region.

published on : 30th August 2018

Chronic kidney diseases patients wait months for dialysis at Sompeta

New patients are not being admitted to the centre due to the lack of facilities and despite nephrologists having recommended immediate dialysis.

published on : 4th August 2018

NRIs come to rescue of Chronic Kidney Disease patients

Medicines worth Rs 4 lakh were distributed among 200 patients.

published on : 30th June 2018

Vijayawada: CPM leader interacts with Chronic Kidney Disease patients

Speaking to media persons on the occasion, he said the increasing number of kidney diseases’ victims in Krishna district is alarming.

published on : 29th June 2018

CPM stresses need for survey of CKD victims in Krishna district

Speaking on the occasion, CPM state executive committee member Ch Babu Rao said around 1,284 CKD patients were identified at 143 villages of the 15 mandals in western areas of Krishna district.

published on : 24th June 2018

A 23-minute long documentary that breaks the myth related to kidney diseases

Dr Jayant Thomas Mathew, a leading nephrologist, has made a documentary on how to face kidney diseases and stay strong throughout the treatment.

published on : 18th June 2018

Fear grips Andhra's Jujjuru as Chronic Kidney Disease toll rises to six

Deceased suffered from kidney ailments for five years; sold his house for treatment

published on : 11th June 2018

Andhra Pradesh: Kidney disease patients of Srikakulam forced to go to Vizag for surgery needed before dialysis

However, with no alternatives available, the patients have to go all the way to Visakhapatnam for conducting the AV Fistula surgery, which must be done prior to dialysis.

published on : 18th May 2018

Eat less salt to prevent kidney diseases at young age: Experts

A little reduction in the intake of salt can help in controlling various kidney problems, even medicines can work better then

published on : 8th April 2018

After Uddanam, Chronic Kidney Disease surfaces in villages close to Amaravati

Tribals and people of backward classes, who hardly have money to survive, are subjected to immense hardship as they are now requred to foot medical bills.

published on : 24th February 2018
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