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Foreign Secretary Jaishankar appreciates Indian-origin Tamils for being in the Sri Lankan mainstream

Jaishankar told Mano Ganeshan that India will henceforth give special consideration to the Indian Origin Tamils.

Published on 20th February 2017
S. Jaishankar (Photo | EPS)

Indian Foreign Secretary Jaishankar urges Tamil National Alliance to unite to fight for Tamils’ rights  

The Tamil leaders also complained that the Tamils of the North are going jobless because companies from South Sri Lanka bring labor from the South.

Published on 20th February 2017
S. Jaishankar (Photo | EPS)

Indian Foreign Secretary Jaishankar to meet Sri Lankan leaders on Monday

Officials described Jaishankar’s visit as a routine one to keep himself abreast of the latest developments in the island nation, besides keeping track of the progress of existing Indian projects.

Published on 17th February 2017

Sri Lanka’s constitution making process is in the doldrums

Informed sources told Express that Sirisena had asked the Steering Committee to draft a simplified report that members of the Constitutional Assembly could understand.

Published on 16th February 2017

China 'Silk Road' project in Sri Lanka delayed as Beijing toughens stance

Heavily indebted Sri Lanka needs the money, but payment for China's interests in Hambantota port could be delayed by several weeks or months

Published on 16th February 2017

Sri Lanka to give priority to constitution drafting over accountability mechanisms

The Sirisena-Wickremesinge government in Sri Lanka will give priority to drafting a new constitution for the country over setting up war crimes accountability mechanisms.

Published on 8th February 2017

Sirisena commutes death sentence of 60 prisoners to life

Most of the prisoners who had their sentences commuted were charged with murder.

Published on 4th February 2017

Chinese military will not be permitted at Hambantota port

Ironically Rajapaksa who procured about USD 7 billion for Hambantota and other projects opposed the handing over of the port and land to Chinese.

Published on 4th February 2017

Sri Lankan President dubs anti-reconciliation forces as country’s enemies

Sirisena’s references were to the Rajapaksa era in which post-war ethnic and religious reconciliation got a bad jolt.

Published on 4th February 2017

Sri Lanka arrests astrologer who predicted president's death

Wijemuni posted several videos on Facebook predicting Sirisena would die of illness or accident before Jan. 27.

Published on 1st February 2017

Sri Lankan navy man who struck Rajiv with rifle butt arrested for predicting death of Sirisena

Accordingly, he had referred a case to the Criminal Investigation Department's Cyber Crime Unit two months ago.

Published on 31st January 2017

Wigneswaran mulls Northern Council war crimes accountability mechanism

The memorial function was organized by Thavarajah as his sister’s husband was among those massacred in the school.

Published on 31st January 2017

Rajapaksa says he will oppose Sri Lanka's new Constitution

Reports from six sub-committees comprising members from all political parties are to be referred to the main steering committee.

Published on 28th January 2017

Trump and May offer Sri Lanka window of opportunity to renegotiate UNHRC  resolution: Former Ambassador

According to Jayatilleka, Sirisena has also sensed the possibility of working with a reoriented US Administration under President Trump.

Published on 26th January 2017

Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s appeal to Sri Lankan President to save lives of hunger strikers

Wigneswaran suggested that a time frame be given for proper steps to be taken with regard to the missing or disappeared.

Published on 25th January 2017

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