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Never thought I'd get to talk about feminism all day: Brie Larson on being 'Captain Marvel'

Larson stars as US Airforce pilot Carol Danvers, who becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes, Captain Marvel.

published on : 14th February 2019

Waiting for day when woman directing superhero film won't be news worthy: Anna Boden

Boden, who has co-directed the first female-fronted Marvel superhero film "Captain Marvel" along with Ryan Fleck, said making a film on a character which already enjoys immense fan following.

published on : 14th February 2019

The Year of Superheroes

The number of DC and Marvel films released in each of the past three years has consistenly been six respectively.

published on : 10th February 2019

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Racoon's real-life model Mr.Oreo passed away 

Mr.Oreo who was serving his life as a model for the character Rocket Racoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy died of short illness. 

published on : 8th February 2019

Disney will keep making R-rated 'Deadpool' films

"Deadpool" films, featuring Reynolds as the Merc With a Mouth, are rated R and feature explicit dialogues and gory action sequences.

published on : 7th February 2019

Brie Larson vomited a lot while making 'Captain Marvel'

Larson also said that her strength training didn't just transform her physically, but also helped her prepare mentally.

published on : 1st February 2019

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel will resonate with women: Samuel L Jackson 

In one of the most awaited films this year, Larson will be seen playing Carol Danvers, who eventually transforms into Captain Marvel.

published on : 31st January 2019

‘In Captain Marvel, Nick Fury has ordinary sense of humour’

The lighter side of Nick Fury, the iconic character portrayed by Samuel Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be highlighted in the upcoming superhero film, Captain Marvel.

published on : 29th January 2019

Spider-Man Far From Home: analysis, details and references you might have missed!

We breakdown the trailer and answer some of the questions it poses for you and point out a few easter eggs!

published on : 16th January 2019

WATCH: Makers release 'special look' video of Captain Marvel

The makers shared the clip on Twitter, writing, "Hope begins with a hero. Check out this special look at CaptainMarvel."

published on : 8th January 2019

Brie Larson diligent secret-keeper after 'Avengers: Endgame'

Larson had said she did "nine months" of training for 'Captain Marvel'.

published on : 8th January 2019

Sequels and superheroes: 2019 looks like a fabulous year for Hollywood movie buffs!

Take a look at ten of the most anticipated Hollywood releases of 2019. Heads up, this list is NOT for those who have a low threshold for excitement!

published on : 29th December 2018

Box office marvels: Avengers: Infinity War top-grossing English movie of all time in India

MCU films have steadily grown in terms of collections, with Avengers: Infinity War currently the highest grossing English film ever in India.

published on : 16th December 2018

Doctor Strange sequel confirmed

With Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame clocking a world record number of views, news is coming in thick and fast about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

published on : 13th December 2018

WATCH | Brie Larson's new 'Captain Marvel' trailer is action-packed

The trailer, set in 1995, gives fans a fresh glimpse into the interplanetary battle; key to the film's plot.

published on : 4th December 2018
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