US Court hears two cases against President Donald Trump's plan for border wall

The plaintiffs asked US District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. to block the shifting of funds and construction on the wall.

published on : 18th May 2019

US President Donald Trump lifts steel, aluminium tariffs on Canada, Mexico

The statement came after Canada released the text of the agreement between Ottawa and Washington in which they agree to eliminate US tariffs on steel and aluminium, and Canada's retaliatory mesures.

published on : 18th May 2019

Courts weigh President Donald Trump's plan to tap Pentagon for border wall

At stake is billions of dollars that would allow Trump to make major progress on a signature campaign promise heading into his campaign for a second term.

published on : 17th May 2019

Joe Biden promises border plan soon to counter Trump policy

The Democratic candidate for president and former vice president said he soon will release a proposal to address the nation's long-running border problems.

published on : 9th May 2019

Private jet crashes in Mexico, 14 feared dead

Images of the wreckage on Mexican TV showed the plane's wings and tail on the ground, surrounded by the charred and shattered remains of the rest of the fuselage.

published on : 7th May 2019

Two stranded Indian nationals arrested for trying to enter US illegally

The duo, including a Sikh man, called for help using technology installed in remote locations to help people in distress.

published on : 20th April 2019

White House studying plan to send migrants to sanctuary cities

Critics warn migrant transfers would further burden already stretched immigration authorities while making it more difficult to track those that have been unloaded in sympathetic jurisdictions.

published on : 14th April 2019

On US-Mexico border, militia vow to patrol until 'wall is up'

US President Donald Trump has described them as a threat to national security, demanding billions of dollars from Congress to build a wall on the southern border.

published on : 10th April 2019

'Our country is full': Donald Trump says migrants straining system

The president's visit came a day after he withdrew his nominee to lead US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

published on : 8th April 2019

Trump visits US-Mexico border, says US 'too full' to accommodate more immigrants

The border wall is one of the long-standing promises that the US President had made during his 2016 presidential campaign.

published on : 7th April 2019

Border wall stopping illegal immigrants? Arrest of Indians trying to enter US drops by half

Asserting that there is indeed an emergency on the southern border, Trump said the United States had more than 70,000 illegal migrants rush its border.

published on : 6th April 2019

Will shut Mexico border if it does not halt illegal immigration: Trump threatens 

Such a severe move could hit the economies of both countries, but the president emphasized, 'I am not kidding around.'

published on : 30th March 2019

Mexico not offering asylum to Venezuela's Maduro: Official

The United States has led more than 50 countries in recognizing Guaido as Venezuelan leader, calling Maduro's May re-election illegitimate.

published on : 29th March 2019

House fails to override Donald Trump veto of his border emergency

Lawmakers voted 248-181 in favor of overturning his veto, mostly along party lines, but that was 38 votes shy of the number needed for the required two-thirds majority.

published on : 27th March 2019

Pentagon authorizes USD 1 billion for Donald Trump's border wall

The Department of Homeland Security asked the Pentagon to build 57 miles (92 kilometers) of 18-foot (5.5-meter) fencing, build and improve roads, and install lighting to support Trump.

published on : 26th March 2019
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