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Venezuela toll rises to 48 dead after protester is killed

In some cities, the protests degenerated into violent clashes between demonstrators and police and government troops.

Published on 21st May 2017

Venezuelan President to Trump: Get your pig hands out of here

A fired-up Maduro accused Trump of promoting an interventionist policy that infringes on his socialist government's sovereignty.

Published on 20th May 2017

Venezuela military courts claim sparks alarm

President Nicolas Maduro has yet to respond to the claim, which has raised claims of an authoritarian turn in Venezuela's political crisis.

Published on 10th May 2017

Military courts detain 50 Venezuela protestors: NGO

Riot cops fired tear gas Monday as thousands pressed ahead with a weeks-long campaign of protest against Maduro's efforts to reform the constitution.

Published on 9th May 2017

Clashes at fresh Venezuela anti-government demos

Clashes at protests have left 36 people dead and hundreds injured since the unrest erupted on April 1, according to authorities.

Published on 9th May 2017

Venezuela opposition rejects Maduro plan to rework constitution

Opponents plan to march to the headquarters of the education ministry in central Caracas instead to explain their position.  

Published on 8th May 2017

Deadly unrest grips Venezuela as students rally

Crowds of students clashed with riot police in the latest in a wave of unrest as the opposition vowed no respite in its drive to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Published on 5th May 2017

More protests planned in Venezuela as death toll reaches 32

The clashes broke out after riot police blocked demonstrators from advancing towards government buildings in central Caracas, where Maduro addressed a rally.

Published on 4th May 2017

Flames, fatality at Venezuela demo over leader's crisis manoeuvre

An 18-year-old man died Wednesday in violent protests against embattled President Nicolas Maduro

Published on 4th May 2017

Venezuela opposition gears for huge rally against plan to rewrite constitution

Many workers walked to work on Tuesday as the protests disrupted transport and metro stations were closed.

Published on 3rd May 2017

Nicolas Maduro welcomes papal interest in Venezuela mediation

The pope's call for a "negotiated solution" came in response to waves of protests in the country.

Published on 1st May 2017

Venezuelans march to prison to demand freedom for activists

Hundreds of opponents of President Nicolas Maduro marched to a military prison outside Caracas on Friday to demand the release of Leopoldo Lopez and other jailed activists.

Published on 29th April 2017

Venezuela defies international powers, Trump weighs in

Nearly a month of clashes at anti-government protests have left 28 people dead, according to prosecutors.

Published on 28th April 2017

Vexit? Venezuela to ditch regional bloc over crisis

Maduro has long had testy relations with the Washington-based regional group, calling it an instrument of US "imperialism."

Published on 27th April 2017

Venezuela opposition defiant as protesters shot dead

Venezuela's opposition vowed no letup in its bid to remove leftist President Nicolas Maduro from power, even as more protesters were shot dead in an increasingly violent political crisis.

Published on 26th April 2017

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