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Russia's RT television launches French channel; France's broadcasting regulators on guard

Russian state broadcaster RT is set to launch a French-language channel today, seven months after being labelled a spreader of "deceitful propaganda" by French President Macron.

published on : 18th December 2017

Google's plan to de-rank RT and Sputnik enrages Russia

Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google's parent company, Alphabet, had over the weekend said that the company would de-rank RT and Sputnik in its search results.

published on : 22nd November 2017

Russia to require US media to register as foreign agents

Russian lawmakers raced Friday to draft measures requiring US media outlets and possibly social media networks to register as foreign agents.

published on : 10th November 2017

Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT will register as 'foreign agent' in US, go to court

The Kremlin-backed channel said on Thursday the Department of Justice had given it until Monday to register its US operations as a foreign agent or see its head arrested and its accounts frozen.

published on : 10th November 2017