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Congress says credit for GST rate cuts goes to Rahul Gandhi

Congress general secretary in-charge of Gujarat said that the GST Council yesterday decided to cut the tax rates due to the pressure mounted by Gandhi

published on : 11th November 2017

GST slashed on 178 items of mass consumption to 18 per cent, 50 still in 28 per cent slab

As many as 178 items of daily use were shifted from the top tax bracket of 28 per cent to 18 per cent, while a uniform 5 per cent tax was prescribed for all restaurants, both AC and non-AC.

published on : 10th November 2017

Ministerial panel for 12 percent GST on AC eateries, composition scheme tax cut

At present, while manufacturers pay GST at 2 per cent, the rate for restaurants is 5 per cent. Traders currently pay 1 per cent.

published on : 29th October 2017

International Monetary Fund calls for fiscal policies that tackle rising inequality

Countries around the world are suffering the consequences of rising internal inequality and should seriously consider redistributing wealth through tax policies and transfers.

published on : 11th October 2017

Mixed reviews in US for Trump's tax overhaul

The largest US labor union, meanwhile, denounced the new plan as a "con game" likely to result in cuts to essential public services and social spending in the coming years.

published on : 28th September 2017

CBEC launches ‘GST Rates Finder’ app to verify tax rates

The app helps users to find rates of GST levied on various goods and services.

published on : 8th July 2017

Revenue up 16 per cent as note ban sets Chennai Corporation cash register ringing

Despite no change in tax rates, the Greater Chennai Corporation’s revenue has shot up by 16.82 per cent, thanks to demonetisation.

published on : 21st June 2017

GST lowers tax rates for 66 items: Insulin, movie tickets pegged lower

Tax rates on certain kitchen items like pickles and mustard sauce, as well as movie tickets costing up to Rs 100 have been lowered.

published on : 11th June 2017

Arun Jaitley promises no surprises in GST rate fixation

But companies should pass on to consumers the benefit of reduction in taxes under GST, he added.

published on : 28th April 2017

Trump announces one of the biggest tax cuts in US history

The new tax proposal proposes to bring down the corporate tax from the current 35 per cent to 15 per cent, significantly lower individual tax rates.

published on : 27th April 2017

Cigarette shares surge over seven percent following GST Council tax cap

The GST Council had yesterday  decided that the cess on tobacco products will be capped at a combination of Rs 4,170 per 1,000 sticks or ad valorem of 290 per cent in the new indirect tax regime.

published on : 17th March 2017

Modi seeks ideas to slash tax rates; claims demonetisation destroyed terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with independent economists and experts at NITI Aayog on Tuesday and solicited their suggestions on the ways to bring down the tax rates.

published on : 28th December 2016