The Paradoxical Prime Minister

Congress wants 'defenestration' of PM Narendra Modi, BJP: Shashi Tharoor

Tharoor questioned the prime minister's 'complete silence' on issues like cow vigilantism, ghar wapsi and love jihad, saying paradox remains central to Modi's leadership.

published on : 28th January 2019

The book is clearly a criticism: Shashi Tharoor on his book 'The Paradoxical Prime Minister'

'It’s a picture we got from Getty Images. It was chosen to show the difference between image and reality, and between promises made versus fulfilled,' said Tharoor. 

published on : 8th December 2018

‘I have always proudly articulated our tradition’

Like most Indians, I acknowledge the energy Narendra Modi has brought to his foreign travels—forty-one trips in four years to fifty-two countries, as of June 2018.

published on : 21st November 2018

Shashi Tharoor quotes RSS source, says Modi is like a 'scorpion sitting on a Shivaling'

Tharoor made this remark while discussing the alleged strife between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS.

published on : 28th October 2018

Narendra Modi's rule not been good for India, says former PM Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh said that PM Modi is a "paradoxical prime minister" and that Shashi Tharoor has demonstrated this through his "superbly written and devastatingly accurate book".

published on : 26th October 2018

WATCH | Floccinaucinihilipilification Challenge: Getting Shashi Tharoored and hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Hyper literate Shashi Tharoor has introduced new words to describe his newly launched book 'The paradoxical Prime Minister'.

published on : 11th October 2018