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Germany barely avoids recession with zero growth

Exports and imports increased at nearly the same rate, meaning no positive contribution to fourth-quarter growth statistics.

published on : 14th February 2019

US and China seek deal to prevent trade-war escalation

The two economic superpowers have already imposed duties on more than $360 billion in two-way trade, which has weighed on their manufacturing sectors and shaken global financial markets.

published on : 14th February 2019

I made China pay billions: Donald Trump justifies tariff war with Asian giant

Trump, during his second annual State of the Union (SOTU) address, said that to build on America's incredible economic success, one priority is paramount reversing decades of calamitous trade policies

published on : 6th February 2019

US, China resume trade talks with a chill in the air

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he favors a healthy Chinese economy but not at the expense of American business and know-how.

published on : 30th January 2019

Stock market starts on a volatile note as US-China trade war concerns rise

After dropping over 100 points in early trade, the 30-share index turned rangebound, and was trading 21.49 points, or 0.06 per cent, lower at 35,635.21.

published on : 29th January 2019

President Xi Jinping pledges tough measures to avert major risks for Chinese economy in 2019

For the year 2019, Xi spoke of taking steps to defuse major risks, alleviate poverty, prevent and control pollution, and promote sustained and sound economic development.

published on : 30th December 2018

'Big progress' with China on trade, says Donald Trump

The US has imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese goods worth USD 250 billion per year. In retaliation, China imposed tariffs on USD 110 billion of American goods.

published on : 30th December 2018

World economy is set to feel the delayed trade war pain in 2019

The critical question is whether US and China can strike a deal by the March 1 deadline because if they succeed, a cloud will be lifted off the world economy.

published on : 26th December 2018

Trade war: Signs of progress in US-China talks

Trade experts and observers agree the timeframe will not allow for a comprehensive trade pact between the world's two biggest economies.

published on : 16th December 2018

Why Huawei arrest deepens conflict between US and China

In the short run, the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer heightened skepticism about the trade truce that Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping reached last weekend in Buenos Aires.

published on : 7th December 2018

Markets tumble as Huawei arrest rekindles US-China trade fears

The markets tanked after the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Canada for extradition to the US in an investigation into suspected Iran sanctions violations by the company.

published on : 6th December 2018

China to 'immediately' implement US trade truce measures

The commerce ministry's remarks came days after US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping agreed to give negotiators 90 days to resolve their trade spat.

published on : 6th December 2018

Oil prices jump five per cent on US-China trade war ceasefire; Qatar announces exit from OPEC

There was a slight paring of prices after Qatar announced it would be leaving OPEC next year as it looks to concentrate on its gas production, though it would continue to pump crude.

published on : 3rd December 2018

A look at what happened at the G-20 summit in Argentina

Here are some of the main developments at the Group of 20 summit, which wrapped up Saturday.

published on : 3rd December 2018

US, China agree to trade war ceasefire, more talks

The agreement hashed out over steak in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires lowers the temperature in a conflict that has spooked world markets.

published on : 2nd December 2018
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