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IT professionals from Tirupur now raising Kangayam bulls for rekla races

Unlike jallikattu, which is conducted mainly during the Pongal season, rekla races are held every fortnight in the Tirupur-Coimbatore region, using around 800 bulls.

published on : 14th January 2019

Sudani from Nigeria to Varathan: Six Malayalam films that did well despite minimal hype

Too much promotion, too little promotion, and medium promotion. This year Malayalam cinema has seen all three.

published on : 29th December 2018

'Vandi' movie review: A wholly trying, partly offensive film that isn’t redeemed by its hyperlink narrative

It requires great skill to write dialogue that feels at once both real and purposeful. Vandi’s dialogues, however, seem placed for no reason except to conspire to achieve its runtime of 150 minutes.

published on : 24th November 2018

'Theevandi' review: A film designed to put you at ease

Theevandi is a film designed to put you completely at ease: it won’t cause a spike in your blood pressure or increase your heart rate.

published on : 9th September 2018

'Vandi' Trailer | This Vidharth-starrer shows a police's thrilling endeavour to nab purse-snatchers

Starring Vidharth and Chandhini in the lead, the trailer shows that the movie will deal with the issue of purse-snatching.

published on : 8th September 2018

I like having uncertainties in my life: Samyuktha Menon

Samyuktha Menon on her unexpected entry into films, her new movie Theevandi, Tovino and online fan theories

published on : 27th April 2018

Human beings versus stereotypes: Indian-American actor Vandit Bhatt on breaking cliches

Indian-American actor Vandit Bhatt says there were many misrepresentations about people of colour, but they are being wiped out due to increasing conversations around inclusion.

published on : 21st April 2018