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India to seize property of super-rich fugitives

Indian authorities will be empowered to seize properties of super-rich fugitives whose economic offences or crimes involve sums over 1 billion rupees ($15 million), according to a government document.

published on : 21st April 2018

PM Narendra Modi, Theresa May discuss Vijay Mallya's extradition

Narendra Modi and British counterpart Theresa May's talks on economic offenders, the case of absconding liquor baron Vijay Mallya was also discussed, according to sources.

published on : 18th April 2018

Bank scams: A case of lessons not learnt

There are two genres of bank scams: one, those that involve rogue operators in high places; and, second, those that have continued for months and years because of poor regulation.

published on : 8th April 2018

ED to begin attaching Vijay Mallya's properties

As per the case registered by the ED, Mallya had allegedly paid USD 200,000 to a British firm and some European countries for displaying Kingfisher logo in Formula One World Championships in London.

published on : 27th March 2018

Expose Centre’s raw deal to Andhra Pradesh: CM Chandrababu Naidu to partymen

.During a teleconference with his party leaders and MPs on Sunday, Naidu sought to know what is the difference between  Vijay Mallya and Vijaya Sai.

published on : 26th March 2018

Change in laws mulled as seized assets mount

The Finance Ministry is considering amendment of laws to manage seized assets of economic offenders.

published on : 23rd March 2018

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya appears before UK Court in extradition case

Mallya is facing a trail in a UK Court, to rule if he can be extradited to India to face charges for financial irregularities.

published on : 17th March 2018

Indian banks broke rules to give loans to Kingfisher Airlines, says UK judge in Vijay Mallya hearing

The British judge hearing the extradition case of liquor baron Vijay Mallya today said that it was 'blindingly obvious' that rules were being broken by Indian banks in giving loans.

published on : 17th March 2018

Vijay Mallya extradition trial returns to UK court

Liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya's extradition trial is set for one of its final hearings at Westminster Magistrates' Court here today.

published on : 16th March 2018

After PNB scam, government makes Passport details mandatory for loans of Rs 50 crore and above

Several big defaulters like Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya and Jatin Mehta have fled the country putting the recovery mechanism in quandary.

published on : 10th March 2018

Absconding liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s superyacht confiscated in Malta over wage dispute among crew

The 95-meter Indian Empress of Mallya was boarded by the port officials and was blocked from leaving the port as part of the legal action against him, reported the Guardian.

published on : 7th March 2018

Finance ministry to Banks: Collect passport details of big borrowers in 45 days 

Passport details will help banks to take timely action and inform the relevant authorities to prevent fraudsters from fleeing the country, sources said.

published on : 6th March 2018

Rahul Gandhi targets Modi after Delhi jeweller disappears, says government looked other way    

The CBI has registered a case against a Delhi-based diamond jewellery exporter for an alleged bank loan fraud to the tune of Rs 389.85 crore towards the Oriental Bank of Commerce.

published on : 25th February 2018

'Magician' PM Narendra Modi can make even democracy 'disappear': Rahul Gandhi

Scamsters like Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi magically disappeared from India and reappeared in foreign lands out of the reach of Indian law, he said. 

published on : 21st February 2018

BJP government actively participating in corruption: Rahul Gandhi

The Congress President said the government ''actively" participated in corruption by allowing bank-loan defaulters Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi to escape the country.

published on : 20th February 2018
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