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Indian Council for Medical Research to start Zika vaccine trials

The ICMR will undertake a phase-II trial of the vaccine to establish its efficacy and safety along with its side effects, if any.

published on : 19th November 2018

Guntur district admin on alert to check spread of swine flu

As many as six persons are undergoing treatment for swine flu in Guntur, according to the district medical and health department.

published on : 18th November 2018

Beware! Indians at high risk of mobile phone malware

Kaspersky, which blocked 950M attacks in three months, also found that India was among the top affected by cryptors.

published on : 15th November 2018

This low-cost phone helps in detecting HIV!

Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital have designed this cellphone-based novel platform, described in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.

published on : 12th November 2018

With 11-yr-old’s death, swine flu toll touches 12 at Madurai GRH

Five persons have died in the past three days, including three women who died on Thursday alone.

published on : 11th November 2018

Researchers develop affordable cellphone-based tool to detect HIV

Traditional virus monitoring methods for HIV are expensive, requiring the use of polymerase chain reaction.

published on : 10th November 2018

Zika virus strain that causes microcephaly not found in Rajasthan

ICMR-NIV, Pune has sequenced five Zika virus strains collected at different time points of the Jaipur outbreak.

published on : 3rd November 2018

Rajasthan government on toes to get rid of Zika virus outbreak

Rajasthan Health Department has said mosquito fogging has been done in affected areas on a regular basis in Shashtri Nagar area of Jaipur, where the first case of Zika virus came to light.

published on : 19th October 2018

Centre sends ICMR team to Jaipur; Zika cases rise to 86

Zika is caused by the aedes aegypti mosquito, which also transmits dengue and chikungunya and breeds in open, stagnant water.

published on : 17th October 2018

H1N1 virus screening for passengers at Vizag airport

 District Collector Pravin Kumar has directed health officials to open a centre at the city airport with paramedical team to screen passengers for H1N1 virus.

published on : 15th October 2018

177 cases of swine flu detected in Karnataka

In the wake of the outbreak, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued guidelines for patients for precaution of the disease and categorised patients into A, B, and C category.

published on : 14th October 2018

Telangana: Doctors own ‘lives are at risk’ due to lack of swine flu vaccine vials 

The officials, however, assured that the single dose swine flu vaccine vials will arrive in the State on Monday.

published on : 14th October 2018

As winter sets in, cases of swine flu are on the rise in Telangana

 As winter sets in, more number of patients suffering from swine flu (H1N1) are getting admitted at Gandhi Hospital which is nodal centre for swine flu. 

published on : 14th October 2018

Number of Zika cases in Rajasthan's Jaipur reaches 50

While the rest of the country has had only four Zika cases, Jaipur has had more than ten times that many cases.

published on : 13th October 2018

Rajasthan: 276 teams deployed in Zika virus-affected wards

Fogging has also been done in the affected area to prevent the spread of virus.

published on : 13th October 2018
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