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Donald Trump picks combat over caution in court fight 

Friday's tweet landed with a splat in the noxious brew of gender and politics that has taken over a high-stakes confirmation battle playing out against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement.

published on : 22nd September 2018

White House expresses optimism on China trade; no date for more talks

An official said he is optimistic there is a positive way forward with China on trade, but that Trump has made clear US resolve to stand up to trade practices that hurt the US economy.

published on : 21st September 2018

Indo-US trade deal conversations at beginning stages: White House

The conversation between the leadership of the two countries was how can they grow their trade relationship in a fair and reciprocal manner, she told reporters during a separate conference call.

published on : 11th September 2018

White House narrows search for anonymous op-ed writer

Trump is still "obsessed" with finding the person, though he is being counselled by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to let it pass, to avoid bringing more attention to the claims in the op-ed.

published on : 9th September 2018

Bob Woodward's book a work of fiction: US President Donald Trump

Titled 'Fear: Trump in the White House', the 448-page book is scheduled to hit stores on September 11 and claims to give an insider's account on the White House working and decision-making process.

published on : 6th September 2018

Donald Trump to travel to France and Argentina in November, skip ASEAN summit in Singapore

Trump will participate in a November 11 event in Paris commemorating the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I, and would then travel to Buenos Aires to attend the G-20 Summit.

published on : 1st September 2018

Top White House lawyer Don McGahn to leave as Russia probe heats up

The 50-year-old lawyer is one of the few people left in the White House who had a senior role in Trump's election campaign, where McGahn was general counsel.

published on : 30th August 2018

Donald Trump warns of violent change if Republicans lose midterms

At a meeting with leaders at the White House on Monday, Trump said everything was at stake for his conservative agenda if his party loses in November.

published on : 29th August 2018

Donald Trump's bad week: A growing list of allies turn against him

Despite the momentary levity, though, Trump is increasingly frustrated and isolated as the investigations that have long dogged his White House plunge into the personal territory he once declared off-

published on : 25th August 2018

Donald Trump rage brings sharp response from Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Trump has spent more than a year publicly and privately venting over Sessions' decision to recuse himself from the federal Russia-collusion investigation because he'd worked on Trump's campaign.

published on : 24th August 2018

White House rejects Turkey's offer for pastor's release in exchange for forgiveness of billions of dollars in US fines on Turkish bank

The rejection could lead to the US imposing additional sanctions against Turkey sometime this week, the Journal reported on Sunday.

published on : 20th August 2018

Indian-American Anita Kumar elected to board of White House Correspondents Association

St Petersburg Times, now known as The Tampa Bay Times, was her first major organisation, where she worked for 10 years before moving to the US capital.

published on : 7th August 2018

White House says Chinese tariff threat 'weak', economy 'lousy'

The heated response came after China threatened to impose retaliatory tariffs on another $60 billion in US exports, as the tit-for-tat trade war with Washington shows no signs of abating.

published on : 3rd August 2018

Family separation a 'low point' in White House tenure: Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump on Thursday cited the separation of migrant children from their parents as a low point of her White House tenure.

published on : 3rd August 2018

Donald Trump tweet calling for end of Mueller probe 'not an order': White House

Just ahead of the White House press briefing, Trump's personal attorneys also sought to walk back the comment, insisting the president was not ordering Sessions to do anything.

published on : 2nd August 2018
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