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White House says will 'temporarily' reinstate barred CNN reporter's press pass

Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said "in response to the court, we will temporarily reinstate the reporter's hard pass."

published on : 16th November 2018

Donald Trump admin in court defends decision to revoke press pass of CNN reporter

The Justice Department, in a court filing Wednesday, said: "No journalist has a First Amendment right to enter the White House".

published on : 15th November 2018

US, India can be a "bulwark" for freedom, prosperity and peace: Trump at Diwali celebrations

It is the second consecutive year that President Trump has celebrated the largest festival of India and Indian Americans in the White House.

published on : 14th November 2018

In a first, Donald Trump invites Indian envoy to share podium at White House Diwali event

This was the first time that an Indian ambassador has been given such a recognition at the White House, which is generally reserved for the envoys of countries like close US ally Israel.

published on : 14th November 2018

India a tough trade negotiator says Donald Trump at White House Diwali celebrations

It is the second consecutive year that Trump has celebrated the largest festival of India and Indian Americans in the White House.

published on : 14th November 2018

CNN sues Donald Trump, demanding return of journalist Jim Acosta to White House

The White House Correspondents' Association backed the lawsuit, filed in Washington, D.C., district court.

published on : 13th November 2018

Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris among potential Democratic presidential aspirants

Harris, 54, the first time Senator from California, made her first trip to Iowa about a month ago, which media analysts here said was in preparation for her potential presidential run.

published on : 13th November 2018

White House suspends press credentials of CNN reporter after confrontation with President Trump

When Jim Acosta tried to follow up a question about the caravan of migrants, Trump said, "That's enough!" and a female White House aide unsuccessfully tried to grab the microphone from Acosta.

published on : 8th November 2018

White House breaks 15-year tradition of Diwali celebrations amid midterms

The Diwali celebration was started by former President George W. Bush in 2003 and was carried on by his successor Barack Obama.

published on : 7th November 2018

US mid-term elections: Senator Bernie Sanders posts early Democrat win

US television networks called the Vermont race comfortably in favor of the independent Sanders, who caucuses with Democrats and was easily re-elected to a third Senate term. 

published on : 7th November 2018

Working on H-1B reform that is part of skill, merit-based legal immigration system: US 

Trump's chief economic advisor agreed that H-1B attracts talented professionals and companies currently are having difficulties in hiring people on H-1B visas.

published on : 2nd November 2018

US security chief John Bolton in Moscow for talks on nuclear treaty

Bolton arrived in Russia Sunday and is set to speak with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

published on : 22nd October 2018

Trade deal negotiations with India started: White House

Responding to questions, Kudlow refrained from providing any further detail about the nature of the talks with India.

published on : 11th October 2018

Ivanka Trump not the next UN Ambassador, Trump feels he maybe attacked with nepotism

Haley, 46, announced Tuesday she would resign from her post as the US ambassador to the UN effective at the end of 2018.

published on : 10th October 2018
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