Binge drinking teens may face higher anxiety risk later: Study

Binge drinking early in life modifies the brain and changes connectivity in the brain, especially in the amygdala, which is involved in emotional regulation and anxiety.

published on : 13th March 2019

Adolescents exposed to cannabis at risk of long-term anxiety disorders

When fear extinction does not occur properly, anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, phobias or panic attacks occur.

published on : 9th January 2019

Risk of depression, anxiety higher in cerebral palsy patients

A study found that people with cerebral palsy face unique challenges as they age which could be linked to anxiety and depression.

published on : 3rd January 2019

Anxiety linked to kicking, yelling during sleep: Study

A person may act out violent by yelling, flailing their arms, punching or kicking, to the point of harming themselves or a sleep partner.

published on : 26th December 2018

Beware of these seven phobias this holiday season!

The holiday season can be tightly-packed and anxiety-inducing for many of us. Identifying some common holiday phobias may help you fight them better!

published on : 26th December 2018

Anxiety can stem from OCD

In OCD thoughts come to the mind automatically, and it is very tough to stop the thoughts. These excessive thoughts can cause feelings of guilt and anxiety.

published on : 19th September 2018

I've been dealing with anxiety for a bit now: Taissa Farmiga

Earlier this year, in May, Taissa had stressed on the need to discuss mental health in a lengthy Instagram post.

published on : 5th September 2018

PCOS may upset mental health in women

PCOS is a chronic disease in which elevated male hormone levels can cause a range of distressing and life-limiting symptoms, including reduced fertility, irregular periods, excessive hair acne.

published on : 6th November 2017