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Robo-X: Using Artificial Intelligence to redefine marketing sector

Robo-X by Flytxt helps marketers to provide customised value-added service to every single customer using AI.

published on : 23rd July 2018

Shape-changing robot can help find people trapped in debris

Researchers designed RSTAR to function simply and reliably, change shape and overcome common obstacles without any external mechanical intervention.

published on : 20th July 2018

Workshop to introspect on impact AI has on ‘Me’

In a day and age where Artificial Intelligence is finding a prominent space in every aspect of an individual’s life, this storytelling session introspects on the impact of the same. 

published on : 19th July 2018

Artificial Intelligence to help predict side-effects of drug combinations: Stanford scientists

A system, called Decagon, could help doctors make better decisions about which drugs to prescribe and help researchers find better combinations of drugs to treat complex diseases

published on : 10th July 2018

Google's AI voice assistant 'Duplex' to run a call centre?

Google's 'Duplex' could soon replace call centres.

published on : 6th July 2018

CSIR teams up with Nvidia to set up AI innovation centre in Delhi

The CEERI-Nvidia Centre of Excellence will be powered by a five-petaflop AI supercomputer.

published on : 5th July 2018

Fourth International conference on Web services to be held at SCMS today

The main objective of the conference is to provide a platform for discussing and exchanging views on various web services computing techniques, artificial intelligence, machine learning and others.

published on : 5th July 2018

Artificial Intelligence courses for undergrads need of the hour:  Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan at India Innovation Summit curtainraiser

'AI courses should be incorporated at the undergraduate level across all disciplines like humanities and social sciences. AI will be crucial for us and everyone needs to know it.'

published on : 5th July 2018

CII's innovation summit to focus on artificial intelligence: Kris Gopalakrishnan

The 14th edition of the summit will focus on the new age technologies like AI, machine learning and block chain technologies, said Kris Gopalakrishnan.

published on : 4th July 2018

Bengaluru students aim to make it to international AI contest

The Pixxel team is working on solutions to various problems by using satellite tech and AI while also gunning for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.

published on : 2nd July 2018

‘AI-powered systems can make better decisions than most doctors’

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered systems can deliver better quality medical care than a vast majority of doctors today,” said political analyst and former head of TCS Healthcare.

published on : 1st July 2018

Report on artificial intelligence for India's defence filed

The Artificial Intelligence Task Force was constituted in February 2018 to study the strategic implications of AI in national security perspective and in global context.

published on : 1st July 2018

Robot with artificial intelligence about to invade space

The large, round, plastic robot head is part of SpaceX's latest supply delivery to the International Space Station.

published on : 29th June 2018

Novel Artificial Intelligence, radar technologies to help diabetics

The system can detect changes in sugar levels using a small radar device which sends high-frequency radio waves into liquids containing various levels of glucose.

published on : 28th June 2018
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