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Artificial intelligence may help foil online dating scams

The researchers led by the University of Warwick in the UK developed the algorithms as part of wide-ranging research into combating online fraud.

published on : 14th February 2019

Professionals demand ministry for Artificial Intelligence in Kerala

According to Roshy, in the present scenario, 70 percent of job opportunities in the world is linked with Artificial Intelligence.

published on : 11th February 2019

‘Soon, AI will make its presence felt in courts’

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its presence felt in nearly all sectors.

published on : 8th February 2019

‘Harness robots but in balance with humanity’

He also stressed on the importance of collective exploration where countries work together and share resources.

published on : 5th February 2019

Novel algorithm can 'de-bias' data for artificial intelligence 

In recent years, AI systems have been shown to be unfair sometimes, said researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US.

published on : 30th January 2019

AI will help economies grow, but greater social security needed: Study

The study published by Credit Suisse Research Institute found that contrary to popular belief, there will be no shortage of work in contemporary economies.

published on : 25th January 2019

George Soros calls China's Xi Jinping as 'most dangerous' enemy of free societies

Communist China under Xi has been developing AI tech like facial recognition to keep tabs on its citizens, and algorithms would calculate how dangerous individuals are, George Soros said.

published on : 25th January 2019

AI is going to transform life of human beings: NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant

Kant also said bringing in too many rules will stifle innovation and the objective is to use AI for the benefit of all.

published on : 24th January 2019

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat stresses for tapping Artificial Intelligence, bid Data for defence forces

It was important to start understanding the relevance of AI and Big Data computing and how to incorporate this in into the defence system, Bipin Rawat said.

published on : 20th January 2019

These IIT Madras profs launch start-up to train students on Artificial Intelligence at nominal costs

The PadhAI course is a hands-on course on ‘Deep Learning’ which is the most successful sub-field of AI.

published on : 20th January 2019

IIT-Madras' new startup to provide affordable training on Artificial Intelligence 

The start-up named as ‘PadhAI’ will work with small scale enterprises and the industry to provide AI-driven apps, products and services.

published on : 19th January 2019

IIT-Madras launches start-up to train students in Artificial Intelligence

The start-up 'PadhAI' offers an affordable hands-on course on 'Deep Learning' which is the most successful sub-field of AI.

published on : 18th January 2019

India set to lead digital transformation race: Microsoft India President

Nearly eight per cent of GDP components in India are currently impacted by digital technologies and by 2021, 60 per cent of those will be impacted.

published on : 16th January 2019

Novel artificial intelligence tool can predict how flu spreads

Real time tracking of local flu activity can be a challenge as the infection easily spreads as people move about and travel.

published on : 14th January 2019

Artificial intelligence for better crowd management at Kumbh Mela 2019

Artificial Intelligence will be used by the Integrated Command and Control Centre of the police wherein the security personnel can see the visuals of crowd movement and assess the crowd size.

published on : 8th January 2019
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