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Novel device to make blood testing pain-free for diabetics 

The newly developed microneedle patch that is 50 times smaller than the needles used in today's CGM systems, researchers said.

published on : 6th January 2019

Novel blood test to diagnose Alzheimer's disease 

Researchers developed tests capable of detecting different populations of tau fragments in cerebrospinal fluid and blood.

published on : 10th December 2018

New blood test to screen for secondary heart attack

It was developed after a study looked at 10,000 samples to find the biomarkers that will determine whether a person is at risk of having another heart attack.

published on : 7th September 2018

New blood test could help diagnose brain injury

The new study shows that if the test is negative - meaning that the brain proteins are not present - it is highly unlikely that a traumatic intracranial injury exists.

published on : 25th July 2018

New blood test detects early signs of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is thought to begin long before patients show typical symptoms like memory loss.

published on : 7th April 2018

Indian company Strand Life Sciences launches blood test to detect cancer

Normal and cancerous cells shed DNA into the blood when they die. Strand's tests capture these DNA fragments to determine the presence of solid tumour cancers, according to sources.

published on : 12th April 2017