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‘We can save our environment only by working together’

The coming together of world’s top leaders on one platform, in response to environment crisis, shows that there is now a clear knowledge and higher level of awareness of the dangers facing us. 

published on : 13th February 2019

One-third of Himalayan glaciers will melt by 2100: Study

The assessment said that the impact of the melting could range from flooding from the increased runoff to increased air pollution from black carbon and dust deposited on the glaciers.

published on : 6th February 2019

Where’s revised action plan on climate change?

The new plan would reflect the government’s goal of achieving 40 per cent of the State’s electricity (in terms of installed capacity) from non-fossil fuels by the year 2030. 

published on : 6th February 2019

Surface ocean will change colour by century end: Study

The study suggests that blue regions, such as the subtropics, will become even more blue, reflecting even less phytoplankton -- and life in general -- in those waters, compared with today.

published on : 5th February 2019

A voice for climate change

Fifteen proposals from various education institutions in the district were presented at the State Central Library, Palayam on Sunday as part of the Stithi project.

published on : 4th February 2019

Some 70,000 Brussels protesters demand action on climate 

The event was described as Belgium's biggest climate march ever, with police estimating slightly bigger crowds than a similar demonstration last month.

published on : 28th January 2019

Some 70,000 Brussels protesters demand action on climate

Some 35,000 schoolchildren and students in Belgium skipped classes Thursday to take their demands for urgent action to prevent global warming to the streets.

published on : 28th January 2019

People migrating from Sundarbans to cities as climate change threat soars

A conservationist said on the building of bunds in Sundarbans that helped keep salt water inside and eventually, it gets mixed up with fresh drinking water causing kidney problems.

published on : 27th January 2019

India calls for cautionary approach to link climate change

Akbaruddin said while climate risks are evident in some specific cases, research findings on generalized linkages between climate disasters and security remain ambiguous.

published on : 26th January 2019

UN warns climate change impacts security, US ignores link

More than 80 of the 193 UN member states spoke at the day-long council meeting and virtually everyone except the United States agreed that climate change was happening.

published on : 26th January 2019

Even central banks need to take climate change into account: Christine Lagarde

The planet's average surface temperature has risen by 1 degree Celsius since the late 19th century, she said, and most of this warming has occurred in the last 35 years.

published on : 25th January 2019

Is coffee dying? Study says wild species of the world's favourite beverage endangered

For the first time ever, scientists have carried out an International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species assessment for all 124 coffee species.

published on : 17th January 2019

World Economic Forum: Climate risks, data theft top fears for Davos next week

The growing risk of Britain crashing out of the European Union without a Brexit deal in late March is also worrying global institutions and will figure at the meetings next week.

published on : 16th January 2019

New mathematical model may help save endangered species

Understanding the dynamics of survival and reproduction can improve a species' chances of surviving.

published on : 14th January 2019

Terrorism, WMDs, climate change today's critical challenges: Sushma Swaraj

'Today, no country, big or small, is immune from this existential threat, particularly terrorism, actively supported and sponsored by states,' she said.

published on : 9th January 2019
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