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California lawmakers to decide fate of landmark climate law

California lawmakers are nearing a high-stakes decision that will decide the fate of a climate initiative that Gov Jerry Brown holds up as a model to be replicated around the world to confront rising

published on : 17th July 2017

G20: Compromise on climate change, but at what cost?  

G20 countries have managed to avoid a total bust-up with Donald Trump over climate change, leaving the door open for Washington to return to the Paris Agreement.

published on : 9th July 2017

US isolated as India, other G20 members back Paris climate pact

The two-day G20 Summit saw the Indian side making "significant contributions" on the resolve to counter terrorism and boost global trade and investment.

published on : 8th July 2017

Donald Trump wins key concessions on trade, climate at stormy G20

On the key issue of trade, the rest of the G20 was also forced to accommodate Trump and his vow to put "America First" by looking after US companies.

published on : 8th July 2017

G20 leaders compromise on trade, at odds on climate: EU source

On trade they will commit to fighting protectionism but will also allow "legitimate" measures to protect their markets.

published on : 8th July 2017

India emerging as front-runner in fight against climate change: World Bank

According to the bank, with its conscious choice to use significantly more clean energy to fuel its growth, India is contributing to global efforts to save earth from the effects of climate change.

published on : 8th July 2017

G20 draft statement shows 19-against-US split on climate

World leaders at the G20 summit acknowledged US President Donald Trump's divergent stance on climate change, according to a draft communique seen by AFP Friday.

published on : 7th July 2017

Trump discusses climate change with Angela Merkel ahead of G20 summit

Ahead of the G20 Summit in Germany, US President Donald Trump has held "extensive discussions" with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the key issues of climate change and trade.

published on : 4th July 2017

UN chief: US may meet Paris climate goals despite exit

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says Michael Bloomberg, a UN special envoy on climate change, is "convinced" the US will reach the Paris goals.

published on : 3rd July 2017

European Union committed to climate pact, hopes to persuade dissenters: French President Macron

Western European leaders meeting in Berlin ahead of next week's G20 summit "reaffirmed their very strong commitment to the Paris accord," said Macron.

published on : 29th June 2017

European Union 'more determined' than ever to fight climate change: Angela Merkel

Merkel called global warming an "existential challenge" for humanity and stressed that the 2015 Paris deal was "not negotiable".

published on : 29th June 2017

Ozone recovery may be delayed by rise of paint stripper chemicals

Researchers have warned that due to the recent increase in an unregulated ozone-depleting substance, the recovery of Antarctic ozone levels can be delayed by five up to 30 years.

published on : 28th June 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks climate change with French president 

The actor-turned-Republican politician said that the environment shouldn't be a partisan issue.

published on : 24th June 2017

74 percent world population to face deadly heat-waves by 2100: Study

Seventy-four per cent of the world's population will be exposed to deadly heat-waves by 2100, if carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise at current rates, a study warns.

published on : 20th June 2017

Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon says Trump must rethink on climate 

For almost a decade, Ban spearheaded negotiations to combat climate change that eventually led to the pledge of keeping global temperatures from rising another degree Celsius by 2100.

published on : 15th June 2017
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