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Fuel price drives VAT revenue down in Delhi

Soaring fuel costs in Delhi are hampering Value Added Tax (VAT) revenue for the capital, according to figures released by the government. 

published on : 11th November 2018

AP's excise revenue up: Is it rise in liquor sale or outcome of taxes?

Contrary to the State government’s claim that it is not at all considering liquor as an income generating source, there is a sharp increase in its excise revenue. 

published on : 21st September 2018

Government rules out excise duty cut as petrol, diesel prices hit fresh high

A cut in oil taxes will add to the fiscal deficit. National fiscal deficit determines bond yield and with a higher fiscal deficit the rupee becomes shakier.

published on : 10th September 2018

India should avoid knee-jerk reaction to oil price hike, says Dharmendra Pradhan

He was replying to a query whether the government will cut excise duty on petrol and diesel which have touched their all-time highs.

published on : 8th September 2018

Telangana earns Rs 101 crore more from rising petrol prices in May

Revenue from petroleum products in May 2018 was Rs 817.58 crore

published on : 6th June 2018

Andhra Pradesh government may cut additional VAT on fuel

After the Goods and Service Tax (GST) came into existence, the state government can get direct tax only from petroleum and liquor products.

published on : 22nd May 2018

Petro, diesel price hike: Tamil Nadu government hints it may not cut VAT on fuel

Fuel rates touched a record high yesterday as oil PSUs passed on four weeks of relentless rise in international crude prices to consumers.

published on : 21st May 2018

Saudi King orders inflation allowance for citizens

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has ordered an inflation allowance for citizens to ease the expected rise in the cost of living after the newly enforced Value Added Tax.

published on : 6th January 2018

Saudi Arabia, UAE Value Added Tax to adversely affect majority of Indians: Former Indian Ambassador

Saudi Arabia and the UAE introduced VAT from January 1, a first for the Gulf with reports said the five per cent sales tax applies to most goods and services.

published on : 3rd January 2018

Bad times for Indians abroad: US changes H1B visa rules, Saudi introduces tax

While in the US, the tweaked H-1B rules will hit the prospects of Indian techies, in Saudi Arabia the newly introduced value-added tax will increase the cost of living of Indians staying there. 

published on : 31st January 2017

End of tax-free living in Saudi; will 3 million Indians now send home less money?

As value-added tax has been imposed in the Arab nation, the cost of living will go up, eating into some of the savings of Indians, leaving them less to send home to India.

published on : 31st January 2017