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2 women Jailed for Killing Indian in New Zealand

Published: 17th December 2013 06:01 PM

Last Updated: 17th December 2013 06:01 PM

Two women in New Zealand have been sentenced to eight years and eight months each in jail for slaughtering a 22-year-old Indian man after luring him to a beach with promises of sex.            

Amandeep Singh was reported missing on New Year's Day this year and his badly decomposed body was found in bushes on Kaiti beach on January 24.  

Crystal Black, 26, and her partner Krystel Pokai, 25, appeared before Justice Murray Gilbert in the High Court at Gisborne yesterday after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

They also pleaded guilty to charges of car conversion, theft of Singh's credit card, using a document to obtain an advantage, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.          

They were each jailed for eight years and eight months, The Sydney Morning Herald reported today.

Singh, who was married, was living and working in Gisborne at the time of his killing.   

Black and Pokai were out together on December 28 when they had a fight. As Pokai walked home alone, Singh drove past and she accepted his offer of a lift.  

They exchanged phone numbers, with Pokai giving him Black's mobile phone number.           

Pokai and Singh met the next day, text messages between the two showing that he wanted to have sex, but she did not.       

Pokai and Black spent the rest of the day drinking with friends and began texting Singh again, telling him Pokai had changed her mind.          

Throughout the day there were 166 text messages between the women and Singh, who drove to their house and met the pair, who began acting as though they were single.     

About midnight the three drove to Kaiti beach in Singh's car. When they arrived, the two women beat him to death and dragged his body under some bushes.       

The women then drove to Kaiti mall, where they tried to use his credit card to withdraw money from an ATM.  

Later they drove to a relative's home and asked her to clean their fingerprints from Singh's car.           

They used disinfectant and removed items from the car, including a black cardigan that had blood on it. The items were later burned.        

The women left Singh's car on an empty section, and returned home early on December 30.   

Later that day, Black told her former partner, the father of her two children, that she and Pokai had "just killed a fella".           

Some time later, Black's relative and her former partner went to police and told them what she had said.            

The women gave police several different versions of what occurred, initially denying meeting Singh.            

They later claimed he had gone "psycho" at the beach, and that it was Black's relative who killed him.

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