Baloch leaders announce unity move to intensify freedom movement

ANI | Published: 11th November 2017 08:07 AM
Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti | Twitter

GENEVA: Baloch leaders have announced to conduct a meeting aimed at promoting unity and cooperation for the independence of Balochistan.
Top Baloch nationalist leader and chief of the pro-independence party, the BRP, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said in a statement that a meeting of all Baloch political leaders including Nawab Mehran Marri, Mir Javed Mengal, Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri, Sardar Bakhtiyar Khan Domki and Waja Hammal Haider is due in near future.

He said the meeting of Baloch leaders is aimed at promoting unity and cooperation for the noble and only cause of an independent Balochistan.
 “Meetings were also held in the past, but no details were made public, after consensus with all stakeholders, to avoid state propaganda; however, the state-controlled media is desperately trying for disclosure of detail of any kind in this regard by its negative propaganda,” Bugti said.
He further said that a report was published in Pakistan media regarding the due meeting which stated that the BRP was ready to struggle for a provincial autonomy which was a misquotation, false report and attempt to spread confusion.
 “We strongly disown this report which shows that Pakistan and its media is frightened by the Baloch unity,” he added.
Bugti mentioned that here were differences among Baloch leaders on several issues in the past, but now is the need of the hour to overcome those differences and unite the Baloch leadership.
“I hope that our efforts and the outcome of the meetings will be put forth the Baloch nation in the form of unity” Nawab Bugti said.

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