A Surya Prakash

Book Review | Jayaprakash Narayan, the Gandhi of the emergency era

The journey of this extraordinary man has been brought to life in a biography of JP titled 'The Dream of Revolution' by Bimal Prasad, a noted scholar and close associate of JP, and Sujata Prasad.

28 Nov 2021

How peoples' Padma emerged over time

The sustained efforts of the current Union government to democratise the Padma Awards have ensured that they also go to unsung achievers in far-flung corners of India

19 Nov 2021

Another Index of doubtful authenticity

The Global Hunger Index needs to be challenged for many reasons including reliance on outdated data, flawed methodology and declining credibility of global institutions

20 Oct 2021

The shocking fall of global institutions

For close to 18 months now, the world has been debating the source of the Covid-19 virus and the possibility of it having been a product of horrendous mischief by China in one of its laboratories.

03 Oct 2021

Time to emulate the new Jawaharlal Nehru University

Despite the controversy that is being whipped up in some quarters about the counter terrorism course, this is something that needs to be taken up by other universities

10 Sep 2021

Challenging the hegemony of caste-based parties

The latest reservations are in line with the Directive Principles of State Policy even as they are indicative of the BJP’s determination to beat regional parties at their own game

11 Aug 2021

A grateful nation remembers Narasimha Rao 

The unwillingness of the Nehru-Gandhis to accord Rao his rightful place among the country’s great prime ministers has made the Congress look ungrateful

08 Jul 2021

Sorry, there can be no Twitter Republic

Twitter must be told that neither the Constitution nor Indian citizens have outsourced the responsibility of safeguarding people’s interests to any individual or corporation.

06 Jun 2021

The Election Commission should not gag speech

It can be said that every government has hand-picked election commissioners. It is also reasonable to presume that in every major election, every government has had its wish list.

10 May 2021

Time to challenge this false narrative

India is the world’s largest and most vibrant democracy. Yet, it is placed below many countries that do not have the eight fundamentals required to be a full-fledged democracy

10 Apr 2021

Recalling Ambedkar’s Advice

Babasaheb said violent protests imperil democracy. People agitating over the apex court verdict on SC/ST Act must keep this in mind

24 Apr 2018

Nip Secession demands in the bud 

Three generations of Indians have toiled over 70 years to bind this nation together. And now some reckless voices are calling for secession

10 Apr 2018

Stopping the evil of defections

The vice president suspended two JD(U) MPs from Rajya Sabha citing anti-defection law. Here are some lessons from the ruling

22 Dec 2017

Padmavati row: the real culprits

The irrational response to the movie is due to the deep distrust among Hindus over the history of India written by Nehruvian and Marxist historians

21 Nov 2017

The iron man must get his due

There has been a sustained effort to keep us in the dark on Sardar Patel’s achievements, the biggest of which was the unification of India

07 Nov 2017