Aathira Haridas

Gifting his hometown a smooth ride

Entrepreneur Anish Kumar is all set to launch SugTaxi, an online cab service, in the city.

02 Jul 2018

Serving nothing but life

 Sherin Noordheen is gearing up to open Halfway Cafe which will be used for as a method for mental health intervention

28 Jun 2018

Serving nothing but life

 Sherin Noordheen has been creating awareness against suicide and depression

28 Jun 2018

Engineering students, greens join hands to protect Kerala's Kottukal water resources

A walk and a transit survey were organised by the greens and the scientific community to protect the region and preserve the perennial water resources in the area.

25 Jun 2018

The yogic life

“It’s like a hidden personality,” confesses theatre artist Munshi Baiju as he ambles up the steps of the Kanakakunnu Palace grounds.

22 Jun 2018

Kerala State Literacy Mission's literacy class is a hit among the migrant labourers

For the past two months, the State Literacy Mission has been conducting a  literacy class in Malayalam for migrant labourers.

19 Jun 2018

Blood relations: An app to make blood donation hassle-free

The app, a brainchild of Tejus in Technopark, ensures the authenticity of requests and protects the privacy of donors

14 Jun 2018

Art in  the bottle

13 Jun 2018

As you shop, donate

The team has identified several areas in the city and outskirts where there is a requirement of clothes and is in touch with the orphanages and old age homes in the city

08 Jun 2018

A biodiversity haven: From parched land to one bursting with life

It used to be a dry, rocky, and gnarled hillock. Now, this parched land is bursting with a healthy, green foliage.

05 Jun 2018

Use cloth bags to grow saplings

Plastic covers which get discarded after the planting of the saplings continue to pile up, negating one of the very ideals of World Environment Day.

05 Jun 2018

Discard plastic. Use cloth bags to grow saplings

Handicrops have fashioned out cloth bags which can be used to not just grow the saplings but these can be placed as such to the earth.

04 Jun 2018

A platform for that perfect launch in tinseltown

For aspiring actors, this is the perfect launchpad. Picture this. A platform which brings together filmmakers and aspiring actors; the filmmakers have a vibrant pool of talents to choose from, while the aspirants get to showcase their works and talen

04 Jun 2018

Putting them back on their feet

Handicrops brings to the market an array of school merchandise, including eco-friendly pens and school bags, all made by differently-abled individuals

31 May 2018

Helping them usher in a new academic year

 Solace Mission, an NGO, has been providing school materials and textbooks to needy children.

30 May 2018

Pedalling to protest

For Mohammed Habeeb, it is his first long ride. He is a new convert to cycling. Now he, along with his seniors at the College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, has started a mega ride, one that will cover a good 1,200 km, a ride from the city till Kasaragod and back to Thiruvananthapuram.

29 May 2018

Post social media, Quillpal makes a return to letter-writing

 Sivaranjani fondly recalls how she struck up friendship with Rachel, a 14- year-old Californian, through letters. She still vividly remembers Rachel’s first letter which was

28 May 2018

Organo Gram: A place for eathern cookwares

Sreedevi Padmajam has started a shop ‘Organo Gram’ which sells an endless array of earthen cookware and crockery sets.

26 May 2018

Breaking the fast with homemade Iftar kits

The home chefs in the city have put together a grand array of dishes in their Iftar kits

24 May 2018

Umbrellas to weather the storm

lKarthumbi umbrellas are made by tribal women from Attappadi and marketed by Prathidhwani, a socio-cultural outfit, in the city lThe entrepreneurial venture is aimed at bringing financial sustainabili

17 May 2018

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