Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

A digital channel to help Kolkata's young entrepreneurs hone their skills

Apart from guiding the youth along the path of entrepreneurship, Map of Me also features street art, food, music and everything that is hip in the city. 

19 Aug 2020

Letters to Mother: How a vulnerable and raw Modi transformed into the PM we know

Letters to Mother, published by Harper Collins, is culled from those pages of PM Modi's diary that did not meet its fate in flames.

18 Aug 2020

The Robin Hood Army feeding the poor in Cyclone Amphan-torn Kolkata

With Independence Day around the corner, the Robins, as they call themselves, have pledged to feed 30 million vulnerable people worldwide between July 1 to August 15.

13 Aug 2020

Elgar Parishad case: This is the time to resist not fear, says Hany Babu's wife Jenny Rowena

The NIA had arrested Hany Babu for allegedly propagating 'Naxal activities and Maoist ideology' and being a 'co-conspirator' in the Elgar Parishad case.

03 Aug 2020

After historic virtual politburo meet, is the Left ready to take Bengal poll fight digital?

Top CPM leader Mohammad Salim pulled no punches while taking about BJP's and TMC's "virtual rally" expenses. "Of course, we can't hire a video van and put up 72-inch LED TVs on bamboo orchids..."

26 Jul 2020

Left gasping since COVID lockdown: The distressed Khes weavers of UP's ceramic city

The lesser-known Khes weavers in UP, who earn their livelihood solely by churning blankets out of yarns of cotton, have been rendered jobless since the great lockdown began in March.

13 Jul 2020

'Wear a mask and carry sanitizers...': A street protest in the time of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has put such protest rallies at peril. Not just because of the threat of infections spreading, but because of the added worry of flouting rules.

13 Jul 2020

Amir Khusrau: Celebrating the people's poet when there is no light and laughter at his tomb

A polyglot, poet, musicologist, composer, Khusrau has been touted as a poet whose writing offered a secular way of thinking and living.

14 Jun 2020

'We may have to find a different job': How COVID-19 has left Kolkata's film industry reeling

As theatre owners place their bets on the reopening of halls between July-August, the larger question still remains - when will the audience shrug off the fear of virus and return to watch cinema.

02 Jun 2020

The health workers braving COVID-19 lockdown to deliver medicines to HIV-positive moms

Plan India’s project Ahana is a national programme working in tandem with NACO to prevent parent-to-child transmission among women in most marginalized community.

12 May 2020

Love's Labour Lost: How the theatre world is coping with the COVID-19 lockdown

Echoing her thoughts, 28-year-old Anirijt Hore suggests it is time to create on paper - to plan, ideate, and produce later.

10 May 2020

Fifty shades of fearlessness: A remarkable ode to Pakistan's feminist icons

The book comes at a time when Pakistani women are raising their voices to reclaim the public space through protests and marches. 

06 May 2020

Mission Humanity: These friends from Kolkata are helping the needy survive lockdown

The friends from Kolkata's Park Circus area have so far fed at least 1500 families who are predominantly slum dwellers and from the lower ranks of the society.

28 Apr 2020

Feed the Need: This group of friends in Kolkata has fed over 1000 families amid lockdown

In Kolkata, a group of six friends have come together to feed villagers in the state.

19 Apr 2020

Breathing easy and dealing with the coronavirus lockdown induced anxiety

Although the leaders are setting lockdown deadlines running only into a few weeks, many people are already contemplating the worst.

26 Mar 2020

'Chudiyan pehen ke halla bol': The women of anti-CAA resistance writing history in Kolkata

The protest bore witness to a celebration of cultural pluralism, religious harmony and the vigour of women under the Indian flag.

20 Feb 2020

INTERVIEW | Modi is the most isolated Prime Minister that I have seen: Tavleen Singh

Senior journalist and author Tavleen Singh, once an ardent supporter of the government, is now among the many who have grown disillusioned.

18 Feb 2020

Parliament Monsoon Session 2018 Highlights: Drama, legislation, and more

The Lok Sabha passed 20 crucial bills with the one of the high productivity rates in almost two decades in 17-day-long monsoon session.

07 Feb 2020

The need for child care support at corporates 

Amelio, one of India's oldest childcare facilities, has over 30 centres spread across three cities. 

15 Jan 2020

'Is it our fault...': NRC fears rife in Muslim village on Bengal-Bangladesh border

At first glance, Bhira is nondescript. But the inhabitants make it unique. They are all Muslims. And worried. Very worried.

14 Jan 2020

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