Delhi riots were foisted on people

The orchestrators of the communal cauldron have since safely returned to their homes, leaving Delhites to count their losses and grieve.

21 Mar 2020

Shaheen Bagh exposes chinks in India’s rule of law

Shaheen Bagh is already being gleefully replicated in some cities in India and will surely cheer the habitual dissenters to organise agitations in future, accordingly

23 Feb 2020

Dumping NRC undermines India’s security 

Today, the government has very little idea of what 1.65 crore illegal immigrants are up to.

25 Jan 2020

Need for the citizenship bill was long overdue

Home Minister Amit Shah has come up with one more bill that has invited misguided protests, misplaced apprehensions and mischievous propaganda.

15 Dec 2019

Lord Ram’s birthplace finally legitimised

It impressed on courts to avoid interfering in matters of faith and called destruction of Babri mosque a criminal offence, suggesting that perpetrators must be punished.

16 Nov 2019

POK annexation: Challenge is not from Pakistan but China

It is good to dream big but always better to be wise in pursuing it.

20 Oct 2019

A Better Future Awaits Kashmiris

History has its own way of rectifying its mistakes.

21 Sep 2019

PM Modi’s audacity makes poll results most awaited

An overwhelming number of Muslims—approximately 14 percent of the electorate—have pathological hatred for him because they believe he would subjugate them under a Hindu Rashtra.

12 May 2019

Impeachment Circus: CJI will have last laugh

The Congress and NCP are busy mustering support from Opposition MPs to impeach Chief of the Supreme Court, Justice Dipak Misra.

07 Apr 2018

Gujarat Polls Show Depth of Our Immaturity

Thankfully, the Gujarat election is over. Not a day went by when verbal filth and pedestrian repartee were not heard, or mimicry was not on full display.

16 Dec 2017

Deporting Rohingya refugees is a step in the right direction

New Delhi’s decision to deport Rohingya Muslim refugees and its refusal to open border for more to come in, is in the interest of national security.

21 Oct 2017

No need to confide in habitual baiters or educate Pak with proof

Not surprisingly, Pakistan today finds itself isolated whereas Delhi receives overwhelming international and regional support for its surgical strike.

15 Oct 2016