Amar Bhushan

Let us Deal with Nepal Normally

Countries resolve their territorial disputes by either annexing the area with force or by arriving at a negotiated settlement through dialogue.

25 Jun 2020

COVID-19: Migrant workers face unimaginable situations to get home

The defining image of the coronavirus crisis has been the trudging of thousands of migrants to their home, mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha.

23 May 2020

How COVID brings out the best and worst in us

The campaign for survival was, however, not without some jarring notes.

25 Apr 2020

Delhi riots were foisted on people

The orchestrators of the communal cauldron have since safely returned to their homes, leaving Delhites to count their losses and grieve.

21 Mar 2020

Shaheen Bagh exposes chinks in India’s rule of law

Shaheen Bagh is already being gleefully replicated in some cities in India and will surely cheer the habitual dissenters to organise agitations in future, accordingly

23 Feb 2020

Dumping NRC undermines India’s security 

Today, the government has very little idea of what 1.65 crore illegal immigrants are up to.

25 Jan 2020

Need for the citizenship bill was long overdue

Home Minister Amit Shah has come up with one more bill that has invited misguided protests, misplaced apprehensions and mischievous propaganda.

15 Dec 2019

Lord Ram’s birthplace finally legitimised

It impressed on courts to avoid interfering in matters of faith and called destruction of Babri mosque a criminal offence, suggesting that perpetrators must be punished.

16 Nov 2019

POK annexation: Challenge is not from Pakistan but China

It is good to dream big but always better to be wise in pursuing it.

20 Oct 2019

A Better Future Awaits Kashmiris

History has its own way of rectifying its mistakes.

21 Sep 2019

Failing the father of the nation to keep India alcohol-free

Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary will be marked by hypocritical rhetorics for his contribution to our freedom but not a word about respecting one of his fondest desires—keep India liquor-free.

03 Aug 2019

Patients suffer as public healthcare system rots

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar came under fire, not always fairly, for letting health infrastructure in his state crumble.

06 Jul 2019

NDA’s return to power promises exciting possibilities

What pleased more was the manner in which temple-hopping and calls from muezzins, priests and pundits were completely ignored while making a choice at the ballot box.

09 Jun 2019

Model code of conduct does not help the voter

People make their choice after five years of continuous scrutiny of the conduct of their government.

12 Apr 2019

Lok Sabha polls 2019: Votes to test the credibility of anti-terror operations

On February 14, a JeM suicide bomber killed 40 CRPF personnel at Pulwama. Thirteen days later, Indian Air Force jets bombed three terrorist camps in Pakistan.

16 Mar 2019

Why Bangladesh Election is so Critical for India

India has just gone through its ugliest elections in five states.

16 Dec 2018

CBI should be left alone to put its house in order

On October 24, the CBI was comprehensively betrayed by its leadership. Director Alok Verma filed an FIR against his deputy, Rakesh Asthana, for taking bribe.

18 Nov 2018

Find ways to make Aadhaar necessary

Aadhaar had a narrow escape from being gutted to the dustbin of history.

21 Oct 2018

Urban Naxals should be made irrelevant

The questionable role of these activists in sustaining Maoist violence surfaced recently in the wake of investigation in Bhima-Koregaon violence in Maharashtra.

22 Sep 2018

Assam makes a strong case for National Register of Citizens

Strange as it may sound, Indians do not have an identity. They are citizens because they believe that they are.

25 Aug 2018

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