Anand Neelakantan

Leaving junk food market unregulated is making us a sick nation

It illustrates the slowness with which regulatory authorities acted in the case of harmful tobacco.

25 May 2023

Restore ancient cities with a sense of tradition, aesthetics

I was in the temple town of Ayodhya for a literature festival last week and had the good fortune of soaking into its vibes for three days, and what a hue of vibes it has.

15 Apr 2023

Defamation cases in India should cease to be criminal offence

Regardless of the technical merits of the case, it gives a message that India is not evolving as a mature democracy, but regressing.

31 Mar 2023

Many Brahmapurams waiting to explode if we don’t learn to manage waste

India is a country of 140 crore people, but it has failed to get the basics right when it comes to waste management. Kochi’s Brahmapuram waste treatment plant disaster is a case in point.

18 Mar 2023

Keeping tradition in mind, redefine secularism in Indian terms

British coins feature the queen’s likeness and letters in Latin that stand for ‘By the Grace of God, King and Defender of the Faith’. 

04 Mar 2023

Equal opportunity, not freebies, will save the poor

The minimum wages in every sector need to be reworked to a higher level. This will hurt the middle-class pockets more, but it will stop us from exploiting the destitute.

22 Jan 2023

No one wins when willing to lose it all for that elusive life

The earth has made another rotation around the sun. A random day in the middle of the winter that does not herald any change in weather or anything else is celebrated with considerable fanfare.

07 Jan 2023

Young and jobless: Why Indian education needs a revolution

The same irony can be seen in the job markets too. India is booming with start-ups, generating lakhs of jobs every month, while unemployment touches record levels.

03 Dec 2022

In theatre of the absurd, life and corruption go as usual

When was the last time any prominent ruling party politician of any state or Central ministry resigned on moral grounds, let alone was tried and convicted for corruption?

05 Nov 2022

Unity in Hinduism was Achieved by Accepting and Assimilating Differences

There is a beautiful legend I had heard in my childhood. Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri was an erudite Sanskrit scholar of medieval Kerala.

17 Feb 2018