Anand Neelakantan

Vegetarianism is compassion, not politics

Recently, I was called for a panel discussion on a national channel.

14 Sep 2018

Is India Really a Spiritual Civilisation?

Indians take pride in calling themselves spiritual. The upper middle class is never tired of speaking of the dizzying heights of philosophy reached by the Vedas and Upanishads without reading even a page of any such books. Any adverse comparison of India with other countries would be met with a ‘oh, but we

30 Aug 2018

Destructive catharsis of restoration

From local fisherman to the armed forces, to social media-savvy youth and the state government machinery, all stood by Kerala in its time of need. 

25 Aug 2018

Let’s Rid Ourselves of Colonised Mindset

Recently, one of the famous publishers tweeted, ‘So when Shakespeare was writing, who was writing in India’.

16 Aug 2018

Dharma’s Judeo-Christian view

The ever-changing dharma of Hinduism hardly depends on any religious text, including the Vedas. It doesn’t depend even on gods.

11 Aug 2018

Lifting Sabarimala Ban is Common Sense

As per the tradition, the deity in Sabarimala, Swami Ayyappa, is a Naishtika Brahmachari, the one who observes staunch celibacy.

04 Aug 2018

Our champions may not ‘spek’ fluent english, but they are still shining stars

Eighteen-year-old Hima Das, daughter of a farmer from Kandhulimari village of Assam, made India proud by winning the gold in the 400 m final at the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships.

21 Jul 2018

The Land of Kamasutra has Become the Last Bastion of Victorian-era Conservatism

If you are a woman, you are a potential victim, at home, in the street, in office, in the place of worship or in cyberspace. 

08 Jul 2018

Orderly system is driven by the feudal mentality of our privileged classes

Recently, a police orderly in Kerala accused that he was seriously manhandled by the daughter and wife of a senior IPS officer.

21 Jun 2018

We have become a confused civilisation, but there are some solutions lying in the past

World Environment Day was celebrated recently in the ritualistic fashion as usual. Some saplings were planted here and there, a few politicians gave some cliched speeches.

09 Jun 2018

Our democracy needs a tweak to prevent the rot that is creeping into our society

Most of us were glued to television channels and social media, amused, enraged, sarcastic, hopeless, gloomy, and resigned as the tragicomic drama unfolded in Karnataka.

26 May 2018

A democratic country has no business in giving away awards for arts and literature

Breaking the tradition from 1967 onwards, the honourable President decided to give awards to a randomly selected 11 people of a total of 140 winners.

12 May 2018

Trust from the Heart. Make Compassion and Love the Basis of our National Narrative

One of the most reprehensible crimes happened in our country a few months back. A child was raped and killed by someone in Kashmir.

12 May 2018

Is the Great Jugaad Robbing Us of Creativity and Scientific Invention?

Sage Narada once came to Kailasa with a mango and gifted it to Lord Shiva. The sage claimed one can attain atmabrahmavidya—the knowledge of divine self—by consuming the fruit.

14 Apr 2018

Hindi is side-stepping diversity and trying to creep in through the back door

Except the four major South Indian languages, Hindi films have managed to wipe off the once flourishing movie industries of Bengal, Odiya, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese, etc.

31 Mar 2018

Chasing Future and Dignity from the Dust Bowls of Bharat

Last week, about 35,000 destitute farmers walked from Nashik to Mumbai, shaking the conscience of a city.

15 Mar 2018

A conservative apologist’s view

Shashi Tharoor puts forward the argument that all the demerits and evil of religion are the faults of wrong interpretation of otherwise perfect holy books.

03 Mar 2018

We need to tell the right story to keep a check on the animal in us

The recent incident of a poor man being lynched to death in Kerala for stealing `200 worth of provision, including a kilogram of rice, shook the conscience of the country.

01 Mar 2018

If one needs weapons to defend an idea, it is not even worth protecting

Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam that is enacted in the Madurai Meenakshi Temple during the Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple festival talks about this wonderful story that became popular across South India owing

04 Feb 2018

Our democracy is only 70 years old, let us give it a fair chance

Two hundred and twenty years ago, the King of Cochin, Rama Varma IX, decided to build a new capital in Thrissur.

13 Jan 2018

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