Anand Neelakantan

It’s time to end the concept of union territories

Unfortunately, in India, some lesser citizens have to swallow whatever is thrust down their throats by their rulers with no recourse to hold them responsible. These people live in eight UTs of India.

05 Jun 2021

Time for open book exams

Considering the rising Covid cases, it would be wise not to conduct the examination.

22 May 2021

Vaccine a fundamental right

Twenty-four years ago, a poor Third World country decided to vaccinate 12.1 crore of children against polio on a single day.

08 May 2021

'Midnight's Borders' book review: A skewed presentation

More than 500 princely kingdoms got sucked into the Indian Republic after independently gaining independence from the British.

04 May 2021

We get the leaders we deserve

We are standing at the same place where we were last year, or perhaps, we have regressed.

24 Apr 2021

Food and faith create lactose intolerance

It is a myth that India is a country of vegetarians. More than 70 percent of Indians consume meat and fish in one form or another.

10 Apr 2021

Time to rein in social media during elections

The amount of information we have voluntarily submitted for the data miners through our social media accounts is humongous.

26 Mar 2021

India needs laws with teeth to curb noise nuisance

There is no respite on the road, as we Indians relish driving with one hand continually pressing the horn. There is no respite at home, as television chatter is a constant along with other household s

12 Mar 2021

The dilemma of India’s ignored middle class

The public space inside the society is for everyone to use. You are excited, but your spouse is more prudent and asks for specifics.

26 Feb 2021

India needs a universal basic income scheme

India spends approximately Rs 9 lakh crore in welfare through thousands of schemes with MGNREGS, PM Kisan etc having mammoth budgets and sweeping scales.

13 Feb 2021

Need to stop the invasion of new tech colonialists

In a democracy, the media is supposed to allow all spectrum of opinion to be heard, however obnoxious.

30 Jan 2021

Calling us ‘brown or black dogs’ is definitely not cricket

Well, some of us have dark skins, but they do not count in our country. Why can’t you notice that most of us are fair and lovely? Maybe we are not as fair-skinned as you.

16 Jan 2021

Let’s resolve to bring back harmony in our lives

A morning stroll can reduce anxiety, brooding and stress and increase our attention, capacity, and creativity and increase our compassion.

02 Jan 2021

New farm laws or not, it won’t change the marginal farmer’s destiny 

All the subsidies, tax-free income and even the much-touted MSP, cater to a small but influential section of farmers in a few states.

18 Dec 2020

A ticket to endless tension

If the anti-conversion law was aimed to protect vulnerable communities, the ordinance in UP on ‘love jihad’ moves uncomfortably into the realms of private space of individuals.

04 Dec 2020

No one wants to know about the nation’s loss of compassion

In the Puranas, Bhrigu, a sage who is known for his quick temper and propensity to take offence, visits Lord Vishnu and finds him sleeping.

21 Nov 2020

Violence breeds a vicious cycle

Turkey and Pakistan—the two countries who have been competing and co-operating to become the leaders of the Islamic world—have reacted most shrilly.

07 Nov 2020

We can't blame everything wrong in India on the Pandemic

A few days ago, most Indians woke to the distressing news that Bangladesh had overtaken India in per capita GDP.

24 Oct 2020

Caste in urban India exists in matrimonial columns, hushed whispers

In the rural hinterland, it assumes its ‘Viswaroopa’, with its myriad heads and a thousand hands, all carrying many brutal weapons of murder, pillage, and arson. Rape is just one weapon in its armour.

10 Oct 2020

Social media is new addiction, should have health warnings

The small screen addiction is destroying lives, creating psychological issues, depression, riots, and political upheaval across the world.

25 Sep 2020

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