Anand Neelakantan

To save the country, Congress needs inner-party democracy

Political pundits could ascribe a hundred reasons for the rise of the BJP, including polarisation of votes. But what we often miss is its greatest strength.

29 Aug 2020

Is it time for an infant God?

The recent inauguration of Ram Janmabhoomi temple marked the culmination of a protracted religious dispute in India.

15 Aug 2020

Post-COVID-19 pandemic, hopeful new future beckons

The behavioral changes the pandemic is triggering in the families is mindboggling. For the first time since modern office society evolved, so many people are working from home.

01 Aug 2020

COVID-19 has put us in our place, but cope we can

Covid-19 has torn usual safety nets of our society into shreds. Religious institutions remain closed, congregations are banned, pilgrimages have been halted, schools have gone online.

19 Jul 2020

Government institutions are here to serve citizens, not vice versa 

The crime of Mr Jayaraj and Benix was that they had kept their mobile shop open for a few minutes more than the designated time of closure.

04 Jul 2020

Dealing with depression

Speaking out about grief, pain and fear is the first step in tackling depression.

20 Jun 2020

It is a society's reaction to crime that defines it

The streets of US are being taken over by angry protesters against the institutionalised racism and the ripples are being felt everywhere.

06 Jun 2020

COVID-19: Preparing for return to normalcy

When the lockdown was announced in India on March 24, we had around 570 confirmed cases and approximately 10 deaths due to Covid-19.

23 May 2020

This might be the Wave that will Lift All of Us up

The lockdown has treated different people in different ways, depending on their social position.

07 May 2020

Deadly Communal Virus spreading faster than coronavirus

Using the tools that science and technology have gifted, religious bigots keep injecting hate in society.

25 Apr 2020

Work from home can make India a leader in sustainable growth

We need to frame rules mandating all the works that could be done without coming to an office should be executed from home alone.

11 Apr 2020

Punish pseudo COVID-19 healers

However, there were an equal number of people on the streets, clapping and singing and making merry as if this was the great festival of Coronavirus Visarjan.

29 Mar 2020

India’s coronavirus callousness

The Kerala Government did a commendable job in containing the initial spread, but has allowed the annual gathering for Attukal Pongala.

15 Mar 2020

It’s time to find a middle path

We cannot be selective in banning certain festivals, protest marches, or processions, religious and secular

29 Feb 2020

Make our cities walkable

Once, long ago, we taught the world to walk. It is time we walk the talk of our great masters of the past.

15 Feb 2020

Tackling hunger rulers’ primary dharma

India has achieved another dubious distinction.

01 Feb 2020

The demographic change hoax

The sharp fall in the growth rate of Muslims in comparison to Hindus is conveniently forgotten by divisive groups.

18 Jan 2020

No country for its citizens

The year of 2019 ended with the country deeply divided on the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).

05 Jan 2020

‘Dabangi’ heroes fine on silver screen

In a country where court cases drag over decades, what could be a better way of satisfying our thirst for justice than shooting down the accused in cold blood?

14 Dec 2019

Shameful celebration of political decay

After the shameful political drama in Karnataka a few months back, another farce is unfolding in Maharashtra.

01 Dec 2019

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