Anuja Susan Varghese

World Autism Day: In case of autistic kids, early intervention is key to better recovery

Experts opine that if proper treatment were to be sought before the age of three, there are better chances of recovery, even within six to nine months.

02 Apr 2022

Still young for Kathakali: 61-year-old Kerala woman cherishes her dancing dreams

Making her Kathakali arangettam at 57,  Jeegi Sarat has proved that nothing is impossible, reports  Anuja Susan Varghese

27 Mar 2022

Differently-abled Kerala girl dancing to a unique rhythm

Nazreen C J, who is hearing impaired, marvels art connoisseurs by transforming unheard tunes into elegant moves, reports  Anuja Susan Varghese

20 Mar 2022

Solving Long Covid riddle next big health task

Though the severity of the Covid waves has come down, experts believe that Long Covid will be the next health crisis to be battled.

17 Mar 2022

Heatstroke, sunburn real threats as mercury rises

Heatstroke is especially dangerous as it can cause multi-organ failure. Back-to-back lockdowns result in fewer cases in two years

15 Mar 2022

Increase in post-Covid cardiac arrest cases remains a puzzle

Though it is difficult at present to pinpoint specific effects and their repercussions, serious health issues that have developed subsequent to the infection in recovered patients are a major concern.

06 Mar 2022

Pandemic a setback for TB eradication efforts

Tuberculosis (TB), one of the major public health challenges India is facing today, is aimed to be eradicated in a couple or more years.

17 Feb 2022

Let love beat epilepsy stigma, misconceptions from this Valentine's Day

Epilepsy is a condition with which many misconceptions are associated and several misunderstandings that prevent patients from enjoying their life to the fullest.

14 Feb 2022

Anaemia, the silent killer, creeping up on urban folks

Analysis of haemoglobin levels in adults showed burden of anaemia in India’s urban population is higher than global prevalence: Study

09 Feb 2022

Kerala being weighed down by Cancer burden

Appropriate and timely care at affordable cost is need of hour, say experts

04 Feb 2022

Keeping fears at bay, Kerala healthcare workers wage a tireless fight

Kerala’s healthcare workers have been appreciated globally and, many a time, cited as an example to emulate.

30 Jan 2022

Early exposure to gadgets may cause speech delay in kids

Facial expressions, taking in words, vocal intonation, and gestures are all required for proper language learning.

28 Jan 2022

Finding answers in ayur-homoeo combo

From natural ingredients to methods, practitioners of modern medicine now borrow from ayurveda and homeopathy to treat patients with orthopaedic ailments

25 Jan 2022

New sculpture of Holy Family in Thrissur church depicts the message of gender neutrality 

The recently unveiled sculpture of the Holy Family at St Mary's Church, Peringottukara in Thrissur, shows St Joseph cradling baby Jesus in his arms as Mother Mary takes well-deserved rest.

24 Jan 2022

Patients with comorbidities in Kerala end up in hospitals as COVID heads towards peak

Those with comorbidities, including cardiac, cancer, liver and kidney complications, are among the most vulnerable to develop severe illnesses.

23 Jan 2022

Recovered patients warn against Omicron, say ‘long Covid’ a reality

Not only those with comorbidities but even youngsters are left with issues for a long time

22 Jan 2022

Covid booster doses not a long-term solution: Experts

In the wake of Omicron infection spreading fast, vaccine booster doses are being considered as the best possible solution.

20 Jan 2022

Toy magnets and hidden dangers

If you have toy magnetic balls lying around at home, you might want to keep them away from your children

11 Jan 2022

Vaccination still best bet against Omicron, cuts short hospitalisations: Experts

Efficacy of vaccines has dropped with the emergence of new mutations. But experts say they play a significant role in reducing the severity of the infection.

09 Jan 2022

Delta-Omicron combo could fuel third Covid wave in Kerala: Experts issue warning

Sharp increase in number of daily Covid cases may be indicative of presence of highly transmissible Omicron variant in the population

07 Jan 2022

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