Look, it may actually be a silent revolution

The country is archaic and where it is not, it is regressing quickly, so nothing on the news shocks me anymore,” a friend remarked on the Bhuj college incident.

19 Feb 2020

Love, hate, rip apart and let live 

I was unable to watch the film during its theatre run but heard varied reviews of it.

14 Feb 2020

A guide to friends in need

If there is an allegation of rape or in the case of married women, if the pregnancy is a result of ontraceptive failure.

05 Feb 2020

The questions we should ask of Kobe Bryant’s case

I only learned about Kobe  Bryant when he died earlier last week in a helicopter crash. When I did, it was about his rape case and his basketball career in one go.

03 Feb 2020

 Colleges shouldn’t be parents, certainly not unfair ones

I went to two all-girls colleges.

22 Jan 2020

Discussion points from a disappointing ‘Darbar’

Superstars can’t go scot-free when they make one bad film after another.

17 Jan 2020

The price we pay for protesting

When a few people get together to speak out about an issue, it’s first met with silence.

09 Jan 2020

This year shed tears not kilos

Most people begin a new year by making promises to improve their lives, though research points out that resolutions are likely to fail by February each year.

02 Jan 2020

A talking down to the elderly

I must confess that I am a serial protestor. I will not tell you that all is rosy and nice at a protest.

26 Dec 2019

To fight like a girl is the way forward

The police crackdown and brutality on the students in Jamia has led to a series of protests in other parts of the country.

19 Dec 2019

The new commandments for GBV

Awareness Days may come and go, and as always, problems persist and refuse to go, while many will be unperturbed and let life go (by).

13 Dec 2019

Battling Bills and burgers

Passing of the Bill in spite of what people have had to say about it is the violence.

05 Dec 2019

Not a ‘private’ conversation

Agreat deal has changed in the conversations and information we have about sex, thanks to technological advancement, the Internet and social media.

27 Nov 2019

The keepers of memory

Chennai-ponnu Anupama Chandrasekhar’s original play When the Crows Visit is having its world premiere in a faraway city that only has a handful of ravens to call its own.

21 Nov 2019

To be a feminist killjoy

As we settled into our table, we caught up on where we were coming from.

14 Nov 2019