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Fun and family

Malayali content creator Kaarthik Shankar and his mother Kaladevi have a knack for making everyday ironies hilarious

09 Jul 2021

Where magic meets art

Artist Pradeep Puthoor recently won the Adolf-Esther Gottlieb Foundation award for his contributions in the field of art over the past 25 years

08 Jul 2021

Machane, it’s Perfect OK!

K P Naisal, who is a familiar face to Malayalis, opens up to TNIE about his overnight fame and life after going viral

02 Jul 2021

Library at Institute of English gets a makeover

Library at the Institute of English is well knowm among students and researchers in the capital city. 

02 Jul 2021

Dine-in, with a twist

Eating out has almost become obsolete since the pandemic outbreak.

29 Jun 2021

World on his walls

Veteran artist Soman Atheena spent the lockdown period painting the walls of his home with a portrait that has 325 legendary figures from around the world

22 Jun 2021

Lockdown woes: No road ahead for this school bus driver

For Mahesh M, children rushing to his bus to get to school has been an everyday sight for 14 years until the pandemic outbreak.

20 Jun 2021

World is a canvas

Shinoj Padmanabhan, an advertising professional based in Bengaluru, has used the lockdown to brush up on his skills

17 Jun 2021

Role well-played

For Palakkad native Suseel S, the title winner of Malayali Star Heist 2020, a global online acting competition, winning is more than a plan.

09 Jun 2021

A pen and paper affair

Two years ago, Kochi native and artist Nazia Aslam was on the lookout for options to improve her 11-year-old son’s handwriting.

08 Jun 2021

Iconic theatres to get a facelift

The theatre that entertained three generations was started in 1977, remembers Anil Kumar, who served as a ticket vendor at the complex since the ‘80s.

02 Jun 2021

Solidarity with the Lakshadweep

Art has always served as a medium for protest against political and social issues.

02 Jun 2021

Next generation strings

Carnatic musician Nandini NJ explores the possibilities of online streaming platforms through her new music project Strings Next Gen

29 May 2021

Pun intended

Capital city-based standup comedian Deepak Mohan’s recent online stand-up act ‘Irony Man’ humorously addresses deteriorating mental health during the pandemic

28 May 2021

Colour of me

Young model Krishnapriya Tilakan is coming out strongly against skin-colour based discrimination through her social media channel 

26 May 2021

Virtual summer camps bring in the sunshine

For 10-year-old Albin Kurien, memories of travelling to his hometown in Kollam with his mother every year during the summer vacations is one of the sweetest.

22 May 2021

Rap on straight facts

Rapper Karthik Krishna grabbed the spotlight for his Sex Education Rap that questions society’s inability to guide youngsters

21 May 2021

Tasty affair

Chef Pillai, the culinary director of Raviz hotel in Kovalam, has been making the lockdown sumptuous for many with his authentic Malayali dishes

20 May 2021

An ode to different mothers

Arun Raj, a techie and photographer, worked with Nadira Mehrin, the first trans-post-graduate student at Kerala University to narrate invisible tales of motherhood

19 May 2021

Music beyond boundaries

This Kovalam-based Carnatic musician is proving it time and again that music knows no boundaries — of religion or faith

15 May 2021

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