Ashoke K Maitra

Methods to reduce attrition

At the invitation of a big IT company and an insurance company which were experiencing high attrition, we undertook research across India and other geographies to decipher the reason.

09 Aug 2022

Pedagogy is the bane of our education system

Underprivileged kids must get access to education & spending on education in budget must increase. A poor child, in today’s system, can hardly succeed if she/he has little access to quality education.

12 Jul 2022

Time to focus on development, not polarisation

I grew up hearing stories of the freedom struggle and the sacrifices made by millions of people from villages, talukas and towns to drive the British out of India.

16 Jun 2022

Building sustainable organisations

We live in a time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. So a company needs to have the ability to handle chaos.

21 May 2022

Saving the world from the scourge of wars

Powerful countries have attacked nations like Iraq, Syria, Vietnam and Yemen with impunity. And none held them responsible for waging such futile wars.

30 Apr 2022

Responsible Management: The new paradigm

If people do not aspire at all, development will stop. But if consumerism is overdone, it will lead to destruction. So what does responsible management for modern businesses look like?

30 Mar 2022

The ugly truth about avoidable wars

From the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine around two weeks ago, two million people have become refugees.

10 Mar 2022