Athul Lal A G

On the chopping block

Once regarded as the world leader in the business, the Kallai timber industry is today a pale shadow of its past glorious self

07 Dec 2012

‘Love Jihad’ gets Kerala Hindu groups moving

Since 2009, 2,195 Hindu women and 492 Christian women were converted to Islam, but the number of young women who got converted to Christianity and Hinduism stands at 79 and two respectively.

09 Sep 2012

The left, right, and centre problem

Whether it be the ruling coalition or the Opposition in Kerala, many of them have trailing baggage of scams and crimes.

15 Jul 2012

Life and crimes of a red mastermind

Finally, for the first time in his life, P K Kunjananthan, whom former police officers refer to as the master co-ordinator of political killings in Kannur, has landed in police custody.

01 Jul 2012

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